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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winner Wrensday!

Making days count 61

This morning I checked out the bird feeders and saw a few of the smaller birds had thankfully returned after the cold snowy interval.

This little Ruby-crowned Kinglet is just the smallest thing, yet its song is quite 'loud and long'. The sound is described here, where it can also be heard, as a jumble of notes, starting with two or three high "tsees," followed by five or six lower "tur" notes, and ending with repeated "tee-da-lett" phrases. Call a quick "di-dit."

The exciting news, is that while I was peering out of the front door to see if anything was messing with the dried leaves, I noticed a fluttering in the Winter Jasmine. I took a few photos, and look what a sweet little bird I found:

My first photo of a wren, which is possibly a Bewick’s Wren.


I was also surprised to find my first snowdrops of the season in the front garden, looking rather feeble, but nevertheless trying their best under the trying circumstances! Most of the snow has melted, and here’s hoping that’s the last of it, but I’m not making any bets!


I came across Hilary’s Smitten Image blog a while back, and am thoroughly enjoying her beautiful photography and Posts of the Week. She has a discerning eye, reflected in her photographs which are an inspiration to me. Skittles and Zephyr, her two cats, have been featured on her blog and seem to emanate professional modelling etiquette, as only cats can! Her choices for Posts of the Week have led me to many fascinating sites. I was surprised and delighted to find my recent post on her list this week. Thank you so much for the recognition, Hilary! I hope my readers will check out her site, photography and links :)

In other news, the March list for the Photo Scavenger List is uploaded by Kathy at Postcards from the PP, all in the spirit of good fun ~ searching, photography and sharing. Here’s the list of 12 for March.

  1. a lion
  2. a rainbow
  3. something green
  4. an empty chair
  5. something sentimental
  6. peeling paint
  7. a collection
  8. a ring
  9. a fancy gate
  10. a shadow
  11. something as old as you
  12. a lamb

Now meanwhile, over at A Small Holding, Mo has won herself a Pancake Pan just in time for Shrove Tuesday! Congratulations! After following her links, I read about the many fillings and spreads people put on their pancakes. The main choice for those in the UK seems to be lemon juice and sugar, which certainly brought back childhood memories. Those pancakes were more like our crepes, because over here in Canada, a pancake or flapjack is quite thick and often drizzled with butter and maple syrup, or fruit and cream. By the time I had finished reading I was famished! On the menu soon...pancakes!

So that was a winner day, all around!

PS I found a little groaner online:

A Welshman, an Englishman and an American were having a drink.

'My son was born on St David's Day', remarked the Welshman, 'So - look you,  we obviously Christened him David.'

'That's a real coincidence', observed the Englishman', My son was born on Michaelmas Day, 29th of September, so we decided to call him Michael.'

'That's remarkable', piped up the American, 'Exactly the same thing happened with my son Pancake.'


  1. Hilarious! I read this out to my husband and he laughed his head off! Great.


  2. I'm laughing at the joke too Glo :)

    So glad the Snowdrops are showing for you and well done with the Wren! They are so difficult to capture with their rather skulking behaviour and wonderful camouflage.

    I am fascinated to see what you do with the 'lion' category in March's Scavenger List but knowing your ingenuity you will come up with something ;)

    'All play, no work...' was another very creative and enjoyable post Glo, I really don't know how you think of these things!

    On an earlier post the Primulas in the snow looked really beautiful and I have of course enjoyed all the bird photos. The Varied Thrush was completely new to me.

  3. Lucky you seeing a wren, they're rarely seen here!
    Snowdrops at last!
    I like Hilary's blog, which I've bookmarked to have a good look at later.
    That's an interesting list for March, and I look forward to seeing what you photograph for it.
    Like you pancakes bring back childhood memories.
    I like the joke, which is one I've not come across before!
    Flighty xx

  4. Ooh! There I was contendedly catching up with your days, thinking how lucky to see six Robins along with all your other wonders, loving your expression of things around you, so pleased you have your first wren photo and happy to see your snowdrops at last..and then..."That's me!" :)
    Thank you for the mention and I'm pleased you enjoyed the fillings link. As for your joke....a groaner maybe but i still had a good chuckle, so thanks for that too. Mo