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Saturday, February 27, 2016

February Photo Scavenger Hunt

This month I drove south to Victoria,  and west to Long Beach and Tofino, so my photo compilation consists mostly of photos from these two journeys.

1.  Green
This is a photo of moss on a log at the place where the river meets the sea.  When I downloaded the photo it looked like an aerial view of a forest, which it may be to some creatures.

2. 2
Here are two double snowdrops that a friend gave me.  I have them planted in the window box at the moment, and eventually they will find a home in the garden.

3.  Cool
On the trip to Tofino, snow was visible alongside the road near higher elevations so there were many opportunities to take cool pics.   Looking across from Tofino Harbour, however, I marvelled at the snowy backdrop blushing as the sun set, and thought the sight was cool in more ways than one!

4.  Somewhere I went
Sunset also silver polished the Pacific Ocean and sand at Long Beach. 

5.  Up
A Bald Eagle selected a perfect perch for an unobstructed view.

6.  Frame
Evergreen branches formed a frame around the rocky shore as I looked down from a deck at Middle Beach Lodge.

7.  From a low angle
Here is the 7 ft. gold clad statue of Captain George Vancouver atop the Provincial Parliament Buildings in Victoria.

8.  On a Shelf
On the deck and under a shelf!  Wellies await the wanderer who wants to walk on the wet sand or wade in the wild westcoast water.

9.  Writing
A poster on the Royal British Museum in Victoria advertises the current Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibition.

10.  Inside
Here is the Palm Court domed glass ceiling in the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

11.  Line
On a recent visit to where the river meets the sea, I saw one family of five Trumpeter Swans.  The family has formed a line as they swim along together.

12. Shape

On the very enjoyable trip to Tofino, I was amazed at the beautiful reflections and shapes on Kennedy Lake enroute.  Kennedy Lake is the largest lake on Vancouver Island.

Many thanks to Greenthumb for hosting this photo scavenger hunt.  Hope you all enjoy my photos :)