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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

I thought I better get this post published because in a couple of days I will be busy with costumed kidlets trick or treating!

 1.  Orange

A sunlit leaf amidst some rocks caught my eye ~

 2. I searched through my October photos to see if there were any taken around 6 p.m., and this one of the apple tree in the back garden fit the bill.  Since then apples have been picked and made into apple crisp and applesauce.

3. Morning ~  In my previous post, I showed the first snowfall on the mountain, and the photo was taken at 9:20 a.m. on my way to the dentist!  On the same post, I compared it to a photo taken in July.  I have since found a photo taken in August showing how bare the mountain had become due to the long hot dry summer.


4. Something bought

I bought a few pots of yellow mums for the window box to brighten it up.  The deer have already nibbled off a few blossoms at the front.  My friend gave me the mini-bird house and I thought it belonged in with the mums :)

5. Light

An illuminated cloud added light to the otherwise ominous sky!

6.  Close-up

I noticed a hummingbird on the washing line soaking up a bit of warmth as the sun shone for a few moments.  I zoomed in as close as I could get.  Actually there were two of them there, but by the time I came back with the camera, one had flown away.  Because of the markings on its eye, the wee bird looks a bit miffed ;)

 Also, I came across a close-up photo from August, of a dragonfly camouflaged in the seaweed.

7. Favourite

One of my favourite things to do is to check on my two little buddies that I refer to as the 'neigh-baa's'.  They are very close friends, never being too far apart from each other.  The other day, it was pouring, and there they were together, sheltering under a willow tree, side by side.

8. Lunch

Lunch for Quigley, the squirrel.  He seems to have found something edible amongst the fallen leaves.

While visiting a friend, I noticed a lunch place setting for her garden friends...either lunch had not yet been served, or it was gobbled up with nary a trace.

 9.  Childhood
Yes, this photo was taken at the beach in October.  What was more astonishing was the game they were playing.   The person standing on the beach would yell, "Fetch" and throw a stick.  Lo and behold the youngsters would run into the water and retrieve the stick...for it to be thrown once again.  I wonder if they are trying to hint to their dad, that they'd like a dog!

Also another photo in this category, is the little black puppy I showed last month ~ it has grown somewhat, but is still just a bundle of cuddly curly fur

10. Sky

The liquid sunshine that has been pouring from the sky recently, has its merits!  This double rainbow flooded the water...however, by the time this photo was taken it had retreated somewhat.

 11.  Colour

There are two colourful fall trees in my front yard ~ a Pink Dogwood and a Red Oak.  This photo shows the brilliance of the leaves of the Red Oak ~

 12.  Shoes

These are not my shoes, but they are my choice of shoes for this category!  Sometimes this scavenger hunt becomes a scavenger hunt in itself.  I search through my month's photos to see if I have taken a photo that fits a category, although it wasn't taken for a specific reason.  In this case, I found this scarecrow who looks so uncomfortable...perhaps his shoes are too tight, on the wrong feet, or else he has other discomforts of a more personal nature.  Not sure if there was an outhouse nearby...

Thanks once again to greenthumb for hosting these monthly photo scavenger hunts.

Friday, October 24, 2014

First snowfall...

on the mountain, that is!

We have had a fair bit of rain lately which translates into something else at higher elevations.  Today I noticed the results of the first snowfall on the mountain, which until now has been bare.

Here is a photo from July when there was just a titch of snow left ~

and today

Like icing on a cake!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just popping in...

to wish Flighty a very happy birthday on Friday, October 24!

(The card below is the first card I made, but wanted to try one with a little more POP!...)