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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Photo Scavenger Hunt

1.  Blue
Many beautiful blues to choose from this month, but I chose this peaceful scene as I looked across a crystal clear lake with blue sky reflections.

This fragrant wisteria in my friend's garden was also in the running for this category.
and a blue drinking fountain:

2.  Crystal
During May, there was a garden tour to highlight the Rhododendron bloom.  Touring 12 gardens in two days offered many opportunities for photos.  Here is a crystal ornament in one of the gardens.

Also there was an ice carving demonstration during May, that also offered photo ops.

3.  Vintage
These buses have seen better days and seemed to fit this category quite well!

4.  Fluff
High above a garden, a bald eagle was putting on a display of fluffing his feathers in the sunshine.

5.  Global
How about a garden globe?

6.  Mask
In one of the gardens,  a tea house provided a hammock for relaxing, with some masked faces for company.

7.  Bus
A few of many school buses lined up waiting for school to be let out for the day.

8.  Frame
I thought these trees framed the scene quite perfectly.

9.  Collection
 I liked this collection of pottery situated to allow the flow of water from one to the other, forming a trickling waterfall.

Also, I thought this collection of shells displayed in a wreath shape was effective:

10.  Posters
I saw this array of posters on the side of a bakery display case in a restaurant where I was enjoying lunch.

11.  Ribbon
I was slightly startled when this common garden snake meandered across my path while I was walking along... the snake ribboned its way through the leaves and then peeked its head over a rock.

12.  Whatever
In my friend's garden, underneath the wisteria arbour, a large stone with a fountain coming out of a hole in the rock provides hummingbirds and other birds with shower facilities and a chance for a cool drink.

Many thanks to greenthumb once again for hosting monthly photo scavenger hunts...and into the month of June we go!!