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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween


On Wednesday!

On Wednesday, the wind began to blow
so out I went to check the apple tree.
I took a bag in case. I didn’t know
if there’d be apples left, but lucky me
picked just enough to fill a big glass bowl.
I also saw a sweet pea and a rose!
The little oak tree’s leaves have reached their goal
of turning burnished copper ~ how it glows!
I know its leaves will fall just like the rest
although they won’t have far to drop, it’s true!
No wonder people love this season best
as nature harvests seeds to start anew.

I’m glad my back is starting to improve!
Today it didn’t hurt as much to move.

Monday, October 27, 2008



Seeing Wordle on Wake up Scared's blog gave me an idea of how to show my poem from a different perspective in this topsy-turvy world.

On Friday I sat in the dentist’s chair
from half past one until the clock struck five.
Impressions they were making seemed to tear
in half. Somehow, I managed to survive.
On Saturday I reached inside my car
to get my camera out. I grabbed the pack
when, yipes! A sudden twang ~ oh how bizarre!
I couldn’t straighten up! My aching back!
On Sunday I tried hard to sit or stand
without a painful spasm. It was no use.
Oh, for a back massage…a helping hand
to give relief and set these muscles loose.

What’s that? Oh no! The toilet’s sprung a leak!
That’s just the weekend! Now, here comes the week!


On Monday I stayed home from work to rest
I couldn’t do much else. I read a book.
I tried to get up once or twice. A test
to see if I could move at all. I took
an Ibuprofen ~ it was recommended
but then I fell asleep ~ and drove a bus
oh, that was in my dreams, of course. It ended
before I had to back it up ~ a plus.
On Tuesday, I’ll stay home. I shouldn’t drive
or hobble into work. It isn’t wise.
My emails let them know I am alive
and if they ask me questions, I’ll advise.

My laptop is a boon on days like these.
I hope I’m better soon…no guarantees!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall feathers, foliage and fins

First some birds

I have added poster edges to this photo of a couple of shorebirds; one type shown here is known as the Killdeer , a ringed plover famous for its "broken wing" ruse if under threat. Can you spot it? As a matter of interest, when it's egg-laying time, the eggs are left unprotected in a shallow depression, but they have a remarkable resemblance to the rocks surrounding them.


Here's what the original photo looks like:

This bald eagle was circling overhead, and fortunately I was able to open my camera case and click a photo before he disappeared behind the trees.


Canada Geese are notable for leaving signs of their presence, and not very pleasant ones at that, however, here's another impression they left behind!


Well these gulls look like they are waiting for something and don't want to get their feet wet in the meantime ~


Now for some foliage ~

I have "posterized" this photo of some detritus topped with a white feather in its cap!


Here is my tiny oak tree that I planted from an acorn. Its leaves have taken some wear and tear over the season, and are now showing their lovely autumn colours before the 5 leaves will fall off...while I await new ones to sprout in the Spring :)


A colourful tree not far from the water's edge ~


Here, a gull finds a natural bridge spanning the river. What is it with gulls not wanting to get their feet wet today? ~ a lovely picture of, and for, reflection.


And here's the catch of the day ~ a large Chum salmon for a proud fisherman who was walking towards us!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An End and a Beginning

Hydrangeas are still blooming, so I picked a few to bring indoors.

Yesterday I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I actually walked to a local woodland garden, but I found it was closed for the season! It will be open next weekend to view the autumn colours, however. There were many colourful trees to look at but I liked these two, the latter being the tree in my front garden.

Dark-eyed Junco has visited the birdbath before, but today he returned giving me a chance to take a few more photos, including a face to face.

I don't know if this is still the same bird, or his twin, having a little snack from one of the bird feeders.

I think this might be his significant other.

At the other bird feeder, I spotted a rufous-sided towhee.

Salmon spawning
season is approaching, and at this time of the year there is a special place my son and I like to visit ~ where the river meets the sea. It is a place of convergence, and eventually will be filled with returning salmon, seals, eagles and every type of bird life you can imagine. We have also seen bear prints in the past. Here are a few photos from today ~ not too much activity ~ but it's a beginning...

The river ~

An eagle keeps watch ~

as the river meets the sea ~


One head pops up ~

Two heads pop up..

Now that we have all our ducks in a row...

A colourful Harlequin Duck and a Bufflehead ...

A Harlequin and a Horned Grebe

A closeup:

Gulls galore

I saw this Great Blue Heron fly in, but wasn't able to get a photo of it with its wings outstretched...

That's it for now, and I hope to visit the same place again next weekend ~


Autumn Glow

My oak tree is showing its autumn glory, and yesterday the blue sky background emphasized its colourful foliage.


Nasturtiums add colour to my garden, like this one:


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Sights

Lately there have been many little birds flitting through the trees or pecking around the garden at the fallen seeds. The bird in the header today is, I think, a dark-eyed junco resting on the edge of the birdbath. I managed to get photos of a few other garden inhabitants who looked like they were hunting for food.



The October Full Moon is often referred to as the Hunter Moon. Although the moon was bright last night, I wasn't able to take a photo, however this morning on my way to work, it was still visible.


There are two views in particular that I like checking out on the drive to work ~ the mountain on the one side and, on the other side, the sun as it rises behind the misty field.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Winged Friend

The mountain has been dusted with the first snow, captured here with a light pink tinge from the morning sun. Check the header :)

Here is a slideshow of an interesting development when a few of us met after work on Friday. As we were sitting outside, I noticed a little creature on the rail. I took a few photos, and my friend gently approached it with her pinkie finger...

Isn't he such a little cutie?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On Task

Some people's work, it seems, is never done.
They labour on with purpose, step by step,
determined to stay busy, full of pep
from dawning hours until the setting sun!

They seem to think that they are in control,
yet wonder why there isn't time enough
to finish all their projects, all the stuff
they need to do to reach each daily goal.

Procrastination ~ that's what works for me!
Creatively I find the smartest ways
to make excuses. Frankly, I amaze
myself as well! Such ingenuity!

What works for you, I wonder? May I ask?
Do you slack off or are you right on task?

Sunday, October 5, 2008