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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thank you all for your lovely comments (22) on last month's Scavenger Post hunt.  I am remiss in not responding before now ~ but I do indeed appreciate every single one!  Thanks Flighty, for replying about the Cosmos seeds you sent me :)

OK ~ Here it is, the end of April!  I had some thinking to do on this one, and I hereby present April's selections!

1.  Upside Down
An unfortunate crab takes this spot ~

2.  Clouds

Clouds of cherry blossoms on my tree, with a puffy white cloud background.

Such beautiful blossoms while the lasted ~ my favorite view from my dining room.  See what happened a few days ago during a blustery day ~

3.  Chair

Visiting, reclining, studying??

4.  Something sweet
No, I did not order this decadent dessert...but my friend did...

5.  Growth
So much new growth during this delightful Spring... one of the first rose buds!

6. Glass
This is a glass heart hanging in my parlour window.

7.  Bedroom
At the bottom of the garden, on top of the tall clothes line pole, there sits a bird house bedroom, ahem.  It is has been there for about 15 years.  Some years it has occupants and some years it does not.  This year it has had two potential interested nesters.  The first was a black capped chickadee...

 I was all excited... and then I saw a red breasted nuthatch take interest... I could hear tap-tap-tap as the floor was being inspected and excavated (I guess).

I wondered if either one would take up residence.  I decided to call the inhabitant a 'chickanut', so that either one would be included.

Guess who stayed?

8. Rain
Oh, yes, we had rain...torrential downpours.  But not often!  Typical April weather.  Taken from the front step ~

Closer look ~
9.  Egg ...hmmm

10.  Fresh

How could this moustached crow with a fresh load of material miss my notice?

As a matter of interest, when a person walking a dog strolled by, the crow put its bundle down on the curb and nonchalantly walked away,  (in fact I think I could hear him whistling in an offhand manner).  When the walkers were gone, he picked up his bundle and trudged on, but not before...

11.  Feet
...he used his feet to hold the bundle down and scrape through it with his beak.

12.  Whatever I want

During a drive beside the beach, I could see a pair of eagles circling and chasing each other while letting out loud cries.  I quickly parked, grabbed my camera and took photos of them first I thought it might be a mating ritual, but there seemed to be some sort of altercation going on.

I wasn't able to get both Bald eagles in one shot, but here is one circling and calling out....

and here is the other when it finally landed in a tree, with its head twisted around, keeping watch on the eagle still flying overhead.

 And that... was April!

Thanks once again to greenthumb for sponsoring these monthly Photo hunts, and thanks to my readers, and especially those who leave comments...because I love reading what you have to say!!