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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ferrying about

I have returned home after a few days away at a family reunion. The first photo shows a view of the Victoria harbour, although not the usual view seen on postcards...this is the view just a little bit farther along as I walked back to my vehicle after dinner.


You may be able to see a couple of little Victoria Harbour Ferries docked for the night and of course the bright red float plane.

On the way back from the mainland, I took some photos from the BC Ferry I was on, which is similar to the first photo in the next series. As you can see, there are various sizes of ferries depending on the route. The smaller ones are inter-island ferries. We seem to have a change in the weather, but hopefully the sun will return before long, mind you it was the 5 p.m. ferry, so it was getting on in the day.

Friday, July 25, 2008

For the Birds...or WOW (wings of wonder)

Today I was planning to get ready for a few days away. However, when I went out on the deck for lunch, I was amazed at the variety of bird life that were busily having lunch as well! Needless to say I became enchanted as I watched various feathered friends.

The first birds I noticed were the Northern Flickers. Northern Flickers are a type of woodpecker that often peck ants out of the ground, also utilizing their specialized tongue. There were five of them pecking and flicking bits of moss and grass out of their way so they could reach the tasty ants. I have learned that the males have a red moustache. The two that are together seem to be a mother with a young one as in the video I took, the young one is fed by its mother. However the video seems to be too large for Photobucket so will have to check later to see if there's another way to upload it. Here's a 5 photo slideshow.:

A pileated woodpecker arrived: (may be a female, because males have red moustaches and more of a red head)
Here's a closer look ~

Then some baby robins looking rather "puffy" appeared at the bottom of the back garden:

I don't know if it was the heat, or if they were suntanning or what, but all of a sudden one opened its wings and lay flat on its belly. Shortly after, another did the same!

Of course, the crows were still interested in the cherry tree, so every so often one would come cawing down to have another go at it:


Just then I heard a whirring sound and knew a hummingbird was near:


If you watch carefully you can see it in these videos:

Well, you'd think that was more than enough for one day, when lo and behold, the swallowtail butterfly thought it better get into the picture. Remembering the beautiful closeup butterfly photos on London Daily Photos, I went in for the eye to eye.

I thought I better check the front garden, and what did I spy, but another butterfly, and luckily it was busily enjoying the Heliotrope long enough for me to get a couple of photos:

I think it looks similar to Flighty's butterfly.

Earlier in the morning I had checked the rose garden as is my usual practice, and noticed a couple of blooms had blossomed on "Hot Cocoa":

Also in the rose garden, the sunflowers are maturing ~ if you look into the centre of this one, there are a few different creatures engaging in whatever it is they do. I can see at least three different ones.


Am I ready to go tomorrow? No. Did I have an amazing day? Yes.
Tomorrow will take care of itself :)

Cherry Pip!

This afternoon and evening, I've been in the pits! Cherry pits, that is. While I was pitting on the deck, I wore thin latex gloves so that if the phone rang, or more importantly, a photographic opportunity arose, I could whip off the gloves and use my clean hands. At one point my gloves became so sticky that the little "pitter machine" was stuck to them and I couldn't put it down. Anyway....

Here's how it began...

After a few hours sitting and pitting I was done with Step 1. Here's one batch of cherries ready to go!

Time is moving along, and two pies are ready for the oven...

Finally, the baking is done, and it is just after 10 p.m. (as per the oven clock)

At which point, son comes downstairs saying that he has to eat some of whatever smells so good!
Of course, warm cherry pie can't be ignored, nor should it be. Whoops, I forgot to take a picture before the fork got into action...

Delicious, even if I do say so myself!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on...

in my back garden!

You've met the cat that frequents my yard before, but doesn't he seem like he's just getting a little bit too comfortable, with his paws crossed? Just after this he moved and sat looking up at the hummingbird tree! I've already rescued one baby robin from his pounce!

and look what I found hiding inside the umbrella on the deck when I was about to put it up ~ a moth! At least it wasn't Frog hiding there!

Here's a bit of colour on the deck and in the rose garden:

Blue Heliotrope, which I just love ~ wonderful fragrance

First bloom on the Wenlock Rose

I think that this is a young nuthatch in the cherry tree:

This next photo is definitely not of a nuthatch in the cherry tree! I took a "shot in the dark" and on close inspection spied this little bandit enjoying a cherry feast!

Moving away from the flora and fauna for a minute ~ The first batch of t-shirts I washed and hung out ~ I offered to bring them home from school after the students wore them at track and field! I have now had enough of folding t-shirts, but at least they're all done! The weather was perfect for drying, with a lovely breeze.

Back to nature ~ here's a sight that caught my eye while I was on the deck ~a bald eagle circling a little bit in the distance. See his white head and tail caught in the sunlight?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let's go...

Now what are these two up to? One reading instructions, the other trying to follow them...



fly a kite!


No matter your age, it's good to find the kid inside!