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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

1 - Orange

I had so many orange photos this month ~ leaves, pumpkins, more leaves ~ however, I chose the bright kayaks recently spotted at an oceanside lodge.

But a little boat called 'Toot Toot' with an orange top was spotted early in October, so I'm going to include it as well ~

Little 'Toot-Toot' looked like she might have being snubbed, or perhaps just liked to be on her own side of the wharf .

2. - Two

Two of many things as well, however I have chosen  two muffins I made, with cream cheese icing ~

3.  Flower

Here are some fall flowers and grasses in Beacon Hill Park ~ I thought the grasses looked like brushes, painting with an autumn palette.

4.  Rubbish ~ or in this case compost left over after pealing a pile of pears that a friend had given me...I dehydrated pear slices and they are tasty.

 5.  Emotion

This was a tricky one, so I chose a couple of beekeepers ~ fear would have been my emotion if I was tending to such pursuits!

6. Flight ~ This creature flew above me and I liked its 'tail light' and colourings.

7.  Home made

More baking, this time two quiches, one for a friend.

8.  Black and white ~ During our foggy days this month, the spider webs were bedecked with jewels ~

9.  Coffee time ~ I am not a coffee drinker, so found a photo of a Tim Hortons drive-thru which is popular for coffee and doughnuts.

10. Balloon

This one is grounded, but it's blown up and waiting for Halloween where it will be flying high after all its sugary treats...;)
11.  Weather vane

I had a heck of a time finding one of these things! Few and far between.  I remember seeing some for sale so here they are: (25% off by the way).  There's even a moose one!

I finally saw a barn festooned with a horse weather vane:

12.  Fridge magnet

Here's a magnet on the side of my fridge, from my days working in the school office ~

Again, thanks to Greenthumb for sponsoring this photo hunt ~ please check her link to see other participant's choices.

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!  There are some strange things afoot around here, and I plan on sharing these with you soon ~   Boooowah haha ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mostly birds and boats

Recently I drove down to Victoria to meet two of my sons who had been to a concert and were travelling back from Seattle on the Clipper.  While I was visiting Victoria, I enjoyed an autumn walk through Beacon Hill Park.


I checked the Children's Petting Zoo area thinking it would be the opportunity to check out the eyes of sheep to see how weird they are (something I've been trying to do since reading about it recently ;))  However, the animals were gone for the season, but the apologetic sign made me smile. 

Once leaving the park, I headed to the Inner Harbour where I noticed the large Greenpeace vessel.  Had I known it was open to the public, I would have ventured down to get on board!

It's a busy harbour with docking facilities for the large Coho ferry that crosses to Port Angeles, USA, the Clipper that heads to Seattle, and numerous little ferry boats that putter around transporting people across the waterways.

Here's the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel ~ too bad it was an overcast day, as it looks much better with a background of blue sky, as in the link!

 Clippity clop ~ Horse drawn carriages ready for tourists.

Shortly after the Coho Ferry departs, the Clipper arrives  ~

I always enjoy my visits to Victoria ~ a place I lived between the ages of 16 and 22!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Flighty!

I may be a wee bit early to wish Flighty a Happy Birthday, but better than being a wee bit late!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cycle Continues

Autumn is drifting in quite gently, under the cover of sea fog for the past two days.  Blue skies preceded the fog, so I know they are hovering above the covering ;) The photo below has not been adjusted at all ~ that's how blue the sky has been!

Awhile back, I mentioned taking photos of a rather large mushroom that I noticed when I was walking around the neighbourhood.  The coin is 1" in diameter.

On the same walk, I came eye to eye with this face.  Eeps!

We have had our share of rain, but it has been quite mild. The mountain had virtually no visible snow until recently when I spotted this wintry scene, giving a clue of what may be in store!

Another day, another location, but more misty magic ~

The salmon spawn has begun, and I have recently visited a few streams and fish hatcheries to see the salmon in action ~ first taking notice of the bear alert:

I also visited 'where the river meets the sea' and all seemed fairly calm ~ ducks basking on the 'fall-iage'...

a seagull splashing about ...

  Maple leaves drifting down stream ...

but just below the surface... ah yes, the cycle continues ~ 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boot up ...

Last November, I remember Flighty beginning to write a mystery novel for NaNoWriMo.  This year, he is thinking of resuming his novel... I hope he doesn't mind me taking a moment to remind him where he left off...