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Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Photo Scavenger Hunt

I have been having some difficulty with my laptop, but will try and get these photos uploaded quickly and hopefully catch it off guard ;) Update:  This was anything but quick, but it's posted now!

Unfortunately, Greenthumb has not been feeling well, which I was so sorry to hear about.  She suggested we  just post any photos we like for January.  I appreciate that there is a new list for February, though, so that should encourage me to be out and if only my laptop will cooperate.

Because I had no particular items to scavenge for, I have just picked 12 random photos from the ones I have taken during January.

1.  The first photo is of a dog... look at it!... doesn't it appear to be the most woe-begone creature ever?  It was actually just waiting for its human to walk away and then throw it a ball.  It was in "Stay!" mode.  I didn't wait to see if it perked up when the ball was thrown, or if it just sat there looking fed up.

2.  This is my corroded anode rod out of my old water heater.  I think it was good timing on my part to get a new heater installed.  Unfortunately, this anode rod was inaccessible, so couldn't be replaced, which may have extended the life of my water heater.

3.  This is the lovely dog that lives across the street.  He seemed to enjoy the snowy weather while it lasted.

4.  Usually when I visit 'where the river meets the sea', there is an abundance of wildlife ~ this day.....
they'd all been invited somewhere else.

5.  As I was leaving the same area and walking along the path through the woods, a rainbow glow caught my eye.

6.  For some reason, a hut with a ramp inside, is situated near the pontoons where the Sea Lions gather.  I will have to do some research to 'shed' some light on why it is there... a Seal Salon/Saloon?

7.  One day when I was in the front garden, a large bird flew overhead causing a fleeing sparrow to glance off the side of the neighbour's house, landing and finding refuge against the front brick of my house.  It stayed there until all was calm and then flew off.  Whew!  That was a close call.

8.  Quigley, or one of his rellies, is back.  I had changed out the peanut feeder, and some of the old  leftover peanuts scattered on the ground.  He scuttled back and forth, picking them up and burying them in the dirt under a large evergreen tree.

9.  In this particular photo, Quigley looks slightly bemused as if he is determining, with his sniffer,  whether this particular peanut meets his criteria.

10.  A white cloud caught in the light, viewed from inside, through my front window.

11. The Pink Dogwood tree with different clouds of white on our snowy day.

12  The winter jasmine flowers peeking through the snow to add a little sunshine.

So that's it for the first month of 2016.  I hope I can get my technological glitches straightened out in order for me to visit my blogger friends!

February's list over at Greenthumb's (with thanks)

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