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Monday, June 30, 2014

June Photo Scavenger Hunt!

1.  B is for...Butterflies

I was entertained by two Tiger Swallowtail butterflies cavorting and flitting around the front windowboxes and front door...

So I was quite happy with my B is for Butterflies, until I went to the car show on Father's Day and saw that B was actually for


2. 10 a.m.

Well, is it 10:00, or 4:30 ?  Neither, it was 1:20 p.m.

3.  Spoon

How exciting is this?  At a diner, ordering a bowl of soup ~ and I see a shiny spoon... perfect! (ahem)

4.  Puppet

Walking into an information centre at Miracle Beach National Park, I spied a wall laden with puppets! How fortuitous!   "Oh," says I, "May I take a photo of your wall full of puppets?" 

Although the sign pleads not to touch the puppets, don't these little frogs look like they are begging for a hug ~ awww...

5.  You again ~

Young robins are hopping everywhere, and seem more in abundance now that the cherries are ripening.  I was having fun taking pictures of this little one, when suddenly he seemed to be ...

somewhat perturbed ...

6.  Water

In the same neighbourhood as Miracle Beach, I came across an estuary where Black Creek flows into the ocean.

7.  Habitat

I thought mother and her two young quackers fit the bill here, floating along serenely in a pond surrounded by reeds and grasses... a perfect habitat for the family.

8. Soccer

My first soccer ball photo was taken with my phone in a store, and believe it or not, this is the first photo I emailed to myself so I could upload it online... I know!

The second photo of a soccer ball was taken at the case I couldn't figure out how to download the first photo... I know!!

The third photo of a soccer ball was taken because it was so hard to miss!!!

9.  Calm

It was another beautiful day, the tide was out, so I went for a beach walk on the sand ~ I saw this picture perfect pet sitting calmly, patiently waiting for someone to come and play ....

10.  Man-made

My first photos are of a trestle ... fortunately, not many, if any, trains are running lately.  With some trepidation, I trekked along the tracks until I came to ... a drop off ...

However, later, once again at Miracle Beach, behold!  A young man in the midst of making a man-made structure ~ Perhaps he was planning on perching on top once the tide came in.  I must go back and see how it evolved.

 11.  Open

I have two opens!  The first was on the same trip to Miracle Beach, when I noticed that some poor soul had left keys in the mailbox and wandered off leaving the box ajar.  I just wonder what the story is behind the seemingly preoccupied person.  Some shocking mail?  A senior moment?  A bear scared them off... Who knows?   And how long did it take before the keys were recovered?  Or were they...

The second 'open' shot was taken of a young robin, slightly older now, with mouth open to be fed... Either that, or it's protesting..."She's back again taking photos of me...."

12.  Steam

I was thinking I'd have to make a trip to McLean's Mill.  However, as luck would have it, I was attending a little celebratory gathering and as I was getting out of my vehicle, what to my wondering eyes did appear but a 1908

I was delirious! 

Here is its special steam sound and whistle done just for me (and you!)

Thanks to greenthumb for hosting this scavenger hunt ~ I enjoy getting out and about searching and finding!  

Happy Canada Day on July 1!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty and the Beach

Enjoying beautiful weather here and I have taken so many photos...I really need to post more!  If you wish to receive notice of when there is a new post, you can enter your email into the section at the top of my blog  Thank you :)

Here are just a few recent photos :)

I caught a flash of coloured feathers as a hummingbird came in for a landing.  It had an iridescent Gorget that glistened in the sun, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful in capturing it in a photo.  This seems to have the characteristics of a Rufous Hummingbird. We have two types... Rufous and Anna Hummingbird (they sound like a couple of married folk ;)

Usually they look sleek when perched, so I was amazed to glimpse the orange and black feathers with white tips.

Here's another flash ~

The warm sunshine has encouraged many to the beach ~ these children were enjoying themselves...

although I wonder if that little fellow had any idea where he was or where he was going... his hat did more than shade his eyes, I think ;)

A rocky beach ~

Nightfall whispers in silver tones ~

Alone, I walked upon the silvered sands,
my focus on the ridges underfoot.
As dusk began to fall behind the day,
I heard a gentle ocean call my name.
Awakening from reverie, I paused
to listen to the sound that soothes my soul,
a rhythm with a heartbeat of my own.

Glo 2006