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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two weeks later...

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Somebody better tell me because I have no idea. Just kidding. I've been otherwise occupied  ...

Remember little Morris Mouse?
He's in the country, not the house.
But Doris, I'm afraid to say
became confused and lost her way.
I heard a snap and caught my breath
to see old Doris ... well you get the idea.
Each time I hear the toaster pop,
I jump and think it's Boris. Stop!
Enough, I say, of mice - no more.
I've boarded up the catflap door
and put a sonar sounding thing
in the garage, and strung a string
to trip them up ~ no that's not true,
I pulled your leg! What else is new...

My laptop hinges fell apart
which makes it difficult to start.
It used to sit upon my knee
but now it's propped so I can see ~
Another laptop's left, enroute,
and by December, I'll reboot.

Oh, yes...a project looming nigh
is in the bathroom. Ask me why!
I checked a corner, which seemed damp
and when I shone a beaming light
I realized I must replace
some aqua board, to fill a space.
And then I started on the floor
- off I went to the hardware store.
I bought some drywall, baseboard, too,
new flooring and a tub of glue.
And now I spend my nights in there
instead of in a comfy chair.
So that's the scoop of where I've been
and what I've done .... the mess I'm in ...

(Not really, it's just life ;))

Put on your overcoat, mitts and hat ~ Although the weather has become wet, wild and woolly, I spent an hour or two where the river meets the sea last weekend. Watch the eagle in the movies ~




There were also may seals bobbing up and down - especially 'down' when the camera came closer!

Hope to visit there again this weekend.

Sorry I haven't been commenting on blogs, but I've had quick visits and enjoy keeping up with all the interesting news and views. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my friends across the border!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day Aircraft

This morning I watched the Remembrance Day Ceremonies on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on TV.  (8:00 a.m. our time).  I realized it was nearing 11:00 a.m. here when I heard the unmistakable sound of the fly past, and ran outside with my camera  ~ but too late to catch the warbirds.  I decided to head to the airport to see them land, but when I got to my lookout spot, a fellow told me the aircraft were heading to a few locations south of here.  I returned to the airport a bit later, and heard air craft approaching. I turned my camera on to see "battery dead".  Arggh.  I drove home quickly, grabbed my other camera, and headed back to the airport.  By the time I got there, I could see that the Harvard had already landed, but overhead the T-28 Trojan was circling.  No one else was in the vicinity, so I quickly found a good spot for filming, and saw the T-28B land and motor over to the Harvard. 

When I downloaded the video, I saw that it was 121 mb which is too large for Photobucket, so I have shortened it a bit at the beginning and the end ~ Did you catch the little wave, Flighty :)

Here's a photo I took of the Harvard and Trojan as the pilot and passenger were getting ready to disembark.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching up!

My birthday continued to be wonderful with a lovely meal with friends at Mahle House and the presentation of a beautiful bouquet.


On the morning of my birthday I drove to where the river meets the sea because it's becoming that time of the year when some of the salmon spawn.


Although I didn't see any fish, a gaggle of Canada geese and many active gulls were enjoying the bright blue day.




A beautiful heart rock, about four inches in width, caught my eye ~


One birthday gift was a card from one of my sons offering me "free pruning"! Last Friday he phoned to ask if I'd been out in the back garden, and I said that I hadn't even gone out that way all week. He suggested I take a look, which I did. He had put a lovely golden plum tree out there when he came for my birthday, and was assuming I'd find it! I love golden plums! I'm getting quite the orchard. Anyway, he came over on Saturday and by the time he was finished pruning, we had a stack of limbs and branches piled up at the front. The city chipper truck comes by on November 16, so hopefully it will all disappear. We also planted the golden plum tree. He stayed overnight and I treated him to a yummy breakfast at a nearly restaurant before he headed back home. A super helpful birthday gift ~ we had a productive and very enjoyable time working together.

Autumn is showing off her red dresses which look quite spectacular in the sunshine.


We have had such a mixture of blustery weather with blue sky and sunshine valiantly attempting to make appearances when possible. Clouds and sunshine trail across the sky and gather to grace the mountains overlooking the sea.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's In the Bag!

First, thank you so much Flighty, for the lovely birthday wishes and the rose :) Also the comments which I truly appreciated. Such delightful blog friends. I had a great weekend ~

And now this yours truly ~

It's In the Bag!

A rodent in the house is most perplexing!
Although he played a game of hide and seek,
eventually his game became quite vexing
when here and there he went, without a squeak.

Some telltale signs were spotted, but not many,
which seemed to indicate there was just one.
but one is one too much! I don’t want any!
The plain and simple fact is ~ I want NONE! ~

Now cartoon mice are pictured as appealing.
They’re very cute with mousy tales to tell,
but Morris, I just have this sinking feeling,
is not that kind of mouse. He raises hell!

Well, as you know, I first set out a bucket
with peanut butter dangling from a hook.
It seems the mouse deferred and never took it.
Perhaps he never stopped to take a look!

Some chunks of cheese were placed upon a mousetrap,
enticing him with dreams of paradise.
Although the cheese dried out (we had a cold snap),
it disappeared from view, not once, but twice.

At last the trap was set, but I was leery.
The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men (that’s Burns)
was more than poetry. A proven theory
much like the law - Diminishing Returns.

Yet, in the night, the mousetrap sprang in motion
and flipping upside down, disgorged the cheese,
which splattered on the wall~ What a commotion!
And Morris…where was he? On bended knees!

He thanked his lucky stars his toe had triggered
the spring that held the cheese within its clasp,
and even though they thought they had him figured,
he hadn’t fallen yet into their grasp.

He scampered up the stairs, for more exploring,
but couldn’t find a single thing to eat.
Oh Rats, he thought, this floor is very boring…
(But Hallowe’en just might bring him a treat!)

His twitchy nose began to sniff temptation
so up he jumped and landed in a bin.
A crumpled bag of chips was his salvation,
as little crumby bits stuck to his chin.

At last he’d found a haven that was cozy
away from all the craziness downstairs.
He thought he’d have a nap as he felt dozy.
So nice to have a moment without cares!

But suddenly a hand reached down…Scout’s honour!
and tied that plastic liner in a knot.
Oh, Rats he thought, this time I am a goner ~
The chips were down – no wonder I got caught!

He felt himself get plunked in a container,
as darkness from the lid closed out the light.
His fate it seems was sealed in that retainer.
Confined he was, completely out of sight.

So there he sat just waiting for the ending,
too scared to think of what the end might be.
There really was no point in still pretending
that he was little Morris, running free.

He felt a sudden wobble – he was moving,
like swaying in a cradle or a swing;
a little hope; perhaps things were improving.
If only he could jump out of this thing!

A rumble and a racket stopped his thinking.
He'd been taken for a ride! What was this?
He opened up his eyes, and started blinking
for spread before him ~ Heaven! It was bliss!

A meadow filled with many country cousins
now welcomed him with tiny open arms.
He couldn’t count them all for there were dozens
who lived both near and far on rural farms.

It’s not to say there won’t be any danger
for countrysides host many birds of prey,
and cats and other creatures that are stranger.
At least our little Morris got away…

I hope with all my heart that he was solo,
but just in case, I’ll watch out for his wife.
I’m hoping he’ll find Doris in the country
and I can live a sane and mouse-free life.


If you still have room for more mice (and poetry), here's the delightful Diary of a Church Mouse by John Betjeman