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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May's Photo Scavenger Hunt

Unbelievable, but true, another month has gone by!  Here are my photos for May ~

1.  L is for lilac

Always lovely to see the lilac blooming, and smell the fragrance wafting near the driveway.

2.  7 p.m.  I took this photo of the large Rhododendron bush last night about 7 p.m...into the sun, and if you look carefully you'll see one of the many bees that have turned the bush into a buzzing hive of activity...and it's flying about the 7 o'clock position ;)

3. Left

I made way for this deer crossing the road in front of is a photo of the left side of its head fringed by its magnificent lashes ~

4. Gadget - Well, this is a squirrel-be-gone bird feeder ~ the weight of the squirrel or large birds lowers the bird perches, covering the hole.  Does it work?   I first filled the feeder with black oil sunflowers.  Nobody came... no squirrels, no birds, no nothin'.  So I spilled half of the sunflowers on the ground and filled the rest of the feeder with other seed.  No squirrels, no birds, no nothin' ~ except a giant crow that came for the seeds on the ground, which, in turn, started all the other birds squawking in doubt worried about their nests.  The only saving grace is that I do not have to refill the feeder because it's still full.

5.  Puzzle - Although the gadget above is also a puzzle to me,  I chose to make this dancing kite into a puzzle piece ;)

6.  Letter

I chose the letter 'BEE' ~ My two huge Rhododendron bushes are alive with bees, as are the chive blooms growing in the rose garden!

Also, after taking the photo for the 7 p.m. shot, I noticed the stamens from the rhodos had formed a couple of letters, or Roman numeral IV, on the deck steps...

7.  Reflection

8. Fresh - new leaves on the Red Oak tree in the front yard ~

9.  Tiny - two tiny figures by the water's edge, one with a big floppy hat...

10. Hidden ~ I tried to capture a photo of the goslings, but they were quickly hustled into the long grass.  I can only see one little yellow head hidden amongst the grasses...

11.  Demolition

There is a lot of new house and subdivision construction happening, and in the process, areas are being demolished...all in the name of progress.

12.  Antique ~

Thanks to greenthumb once again for sponsoring this challenge!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Island hopping

Another beautiful spring day, another island hop ~

Back home to an amazing sunset ~

Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Spring Affair

From cherry blossom to ..possibilities

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Island hopping

In my previous post, I included a photo of a fountain created from many recycled objects ~ for those interested, here is a link to the website of the waterworks sculptor/ artist Douglas Walker, with a short video of his workshop and fountains.  Quite amazing!

I have been without my laptop for a week because my charger was hooped.  I think a wire was broken or bent which interfered with the battery charging capabilities. I ordered a new charger online, and received it yesterday.  I have used my PC off and on in the meantime, but felt a bit lost without my laptop! 

One day last week was so warm and beautiful, it was time to go Island hopping!  An area around the dock was ablaze with tulips, petals glistening in the sunlight.

Calm seas, blue skies and an exploration of a nearby island ~ perfect for the day.

It was a 10 minute ferry crossing ~ followed by a drive around the island, interspersed with a walk or two and a stop at a cafe before heading home.

A spot of yellow in the bush ~

New road, recently gravelled, that offered no other traffic and some great scenery ~

It was a magical day ~ especially keeping eyes peeled for of one of these! 

Today, it is raining, however no complaints.  Spring plants are being refreshed and sunshine is in the forecast :)