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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Made with Love, a blog written in Sydney, Australia, I am back on the monthly photo Scavenger Hunt wagon!

I didn't think I'd be away from blogland for the whole month of January, but that's what has happened...even the Varied Thrush had something to say...

Here we go ~ first a compilation of the photos and then individual shots ~

1 - Cold
Not too difficult to find a photo relating to Cold at this time of year.  I chose a photo of some sea lions cavorting in the cold waters close by, with snowy mountains as the backdrop.

2 - Warm

Chocolate oatmeal pecan cookies warm from the oven!  Yum!

3 - Sign

During the month of January, we experienced periods of  temperature inversion, resulting in low cloud with cooler air near the ground and warmer air above the clouds.  To compensate for this, a trip to the ski hill was set in motion.  This sign was near the Nordic cross-country skiing lodge.

4 - Food

Often I upload baking, such as cookies and cakes, so thought I'd better prove that I also eat healthy foods ~ vegetables ready to go into the oven for roasting:

5 - 12

A steep hill up in the mountains generated the following sign indicating a 12% grade.

6 -  Produce

I took this photo at an outside marketplace, showing a winter hanging basket with various squash in the background.

7 - Blue

I saw this little fellow sitting with his blue snowboard, looking down a snowy hill.  Something about his contemplative pose caught my attention.

8 -  Mailbox

I ventured into an old Post Office, celebrating its 100th year, and admired the wall of mailboxes with brass and wood surrounds.

9 -  View

 Here I am driving down the road above the clouds.  The view ahead shows a mountain backdrop and the low white clouds that I will be driving through, leaving the blue sky behind!  A foggy decent...

10 - Reflection

This is a photo of a neighbourhood house with a decorative element that reflects the outside area.  In the autumn, it catches glimpses of the colourful leaves...

11 - Statue

Here are two large First Nation carvings ~

12 - Door

I spotted this beautiful hand-carved entrance door at a waterfront home ~

I have many more photos taken over the last month which I hope to post before the next month is up!

If you are interested in seeing other January Scavenger Hunt photos sponsored by Made with Love, who has photos from her recent trip to Thailand, they can be found here.

I hope you consider joining February's Scavenger Hunt!  Here's the February list:

  1. Red
  2. 14                                                                                                      
  3. A Kiss
  4. Something heart shaped
  5. Something found nowhere else
  6. Frozen
  7. Park bench
  8. Glass
  9. Shopping trolley
  10. A shadow
  11. Breakfast
  12. A bus