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Monday, September 30, 2013

September Scavenger Hunt

1. White

I chose a photograph of my white orchid that is re-blooming!  I received this lovely orchid from a friend last November, and months later when it had finished blooming, I put it in the dining room by the back sliding doors (north facing) and left it there.  One day I noticed that a new green branch had sprouted, and lo and behold, eight buds formed over the next few six of the eight are in bloom.

2. "1"

I had noticed a long stalk growing along the back of the rose garden ~ it grew and grew, and one day one bright yellow face popped open to greet me.

3. Graffiti

There is a very popular skate park for youth who enjoy skateboarding and BMX riding ~ practicing skills and tricks.  The cement wall is covered in graffiti and here is a small portion that I noticed from the carpark.

4. Ears

Well, let me tell you about ears!  This little critter has been squirreling away many acorns from the Red Oak tree in the front garden.  He is a constant. I hope he remembers where he has buried his treasures, otherwise I may well become lost inside an oak grove.  'Ear' he comes again! I was interested to see that he always holds the acorn by the non-slippery part, the cupule when he's running away with them in his mouth;)

Another look at his harvesting technique:

5. Repetition

It is the time of webs, and this fine repetition of silky strands caught my eye.

6. Disney

Mickey is Disney! and he lives upstairs dressed in his Santa outfit year-round.  I tempted him to leave his toy-making activities for a photo-shoot. Mickey is very proud of his own ears, and is a bit miffed that the squirrel won out in that category.

7.  Lace

An intricate bit of lacy looking rope I saw on a ferry was chosen for this category...

8.  New

Back to the fruit of the oak tree... a new tree in the making ~

9.  Door handle

The door handle of the French door is just to the right of the blooming orchids, how handy is that? 

 10.  Beach life

I have thousands of photos of beach life ~ but how could I not choose this one?

11.  Tree

From a tree starting out ~to washed up driftwood made into fort-like structures ~ 

 12.  Tattoo

Well, there are certainly no shortage of tattoos these days, and I was tempted to ask to take a photo or two...however,  I found a tattoo parlour and snapped this photo through my car window. 

Thanks to Greenthumb for hosting the monthly photo scavenger hunt, and to see more submissions, please check her link.

Also, thanks for being patient with me and my occasional postings... :) 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Scavenger Hunt

Having returned from my mini-vacation, I have gathered a smattering of my summer treasure to share.  Thanks to Greenthumb for hosting the photo scavenger hunt, and to see more submissions, please check her link.

1.  Brown - My Lucky Lizard (mentioned in a previous post) leads the way:

2. 10 - imprinted on an inflatable lifeboat

3. Windows - how about these picturesque windows and window box?

4.  Petrol Station (or Gas Station) - this photo of a single gas pump was taken at a campground/resort on the island:

5. Boats - There were many photos to choose from, but I chose this impressive looking vessel named Invictus, docked in the Inner Harbour, Victoria BC.   Check it out!

6.  Framed - through the opening in the ferry as I travelled home.

7. Chopsticks - Well, hunks of driftwood, anyway;) along the shore on the ocean side of  Esquimalt Lagoon.

8. Transport - The Coho passenger ferry travels between Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA, the Olympic Mountains in the background.

 9. Playing - A colourful sun-splashed ball being tossed in the air by youngsters playing near the beach ~

10. Fantasy - I was mesmerized by these fantastical Moon Jellyfish pulsating in the ocean ~

11.  Sharp ~ The perfect subject to include in a Scavenger Hunt ~ A Turkey Vulture showing its sharp beak and had just feasted off the remnants of a yellow-eyed cod that had been caught that day by my friend's husband.

12.  Postcard - sent by one of my nieces when she visited Brazil

That's it for now!  I will hopefully have time to visit and comment on blogs, but wanted to get these posted before September hurried on by!

By the way the list for September, printed on Greenthumb's left side bar, is as follows if anyone would like to join in:
White, 1, Graffiti, Ears, Repetition, Disney, Lace, New, Door Handle, Beach Life. Tree, Tattoo