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Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's easy to pick a post title when only posting once a month!! ;)

Thanks to Made with Love once again for hosting this month's challenge.  There is a camera icon at the bottom of my post that also links to her scavenger hunt site.

 1.  Stranger
When I took my camera out for a stroll to 'where the river meets the sea', I came across a stranger (with a hat) who appeared to be one serious photographer bedecked in his camo gear.

I hope he was able to take some great shots of the salmon run, eagles, sea lions, etc.  He was aiming in this general direction:

2. Looking down
On our way out and about, I noticed a field of sheep as I looked down from the roadway.

3.  Pop culture
This isn't exactly what I had in mind, but when I saw all of these pop bottles in someone's recycling bin, I thought they were obviously people who were into 'pop culture'.  If they had taken the bottles into the bottle depot, they would have been able to exchange them for some coin.

4. Weather
We have had some weather!  A mixture of rain, bright sunshine and freezing temperatures, the odd blustery day ~ the first snowfall on the mountain... and today, when moving the deck furniture into storage, a cover on one of the lounges was full of water which had frozen into this beautiful ice sculpture ~ 

5. Big
The main venture this month turned into a bit of an expedition.  Ended up travelling the Pacific Marine Circle Route ~ another link ~ leaving home about noon and not getting home until 10 p.m.!  During that time and enroute, I stopped to see my brother who offered to give my vehicle an oil change ~ couldn't turn that down.  The 'big' category gets aptly filled by the Harris Creek Sitka Spruce. 

I also tried to compile a vertical panorama from a few shots to try to capture how tall it was ~ much more impressive to see it live, of course.

6.  Sign
and then...

8.  A glimpse of the gorget of a hummingbird at the bottle feeder...that looks nearly ready for a fill-up.

8. Out and about
As mentioned earlier, the drive along the Pacific Marine Circuit Route took some time.  Fortunately we made it through the remotest section in  daylight, arriving at Port Renfrew about 5 o'clock, when the cafes close on a Sunday ;)  Oh oh...  We eventually found supper around 7 p.m. at Sabhai Thai Restaurant in Langford, and very good it was too.   A lovely sunset was enjoyed from the Botantical Beach viewpoint.  The rest of the journey, of course, was driven in the dark, although seeing the moon shining on the ocean was memorable.  I have taken this trip once before since the logging road has been paved, but next time I will choose a time of year when the sun doesn't set at 5 p.m.!

9.  Hat
Since there was a hat in the first picture with the stranger, I chose a photo of a feathery plumed 'hat' perched on a tree ~ looking as if it is imitating the branches ~

10.  Hole
If you look very closely at the oyster in the Black Oystercatcher's bill, you may see a tiny hole.

Was the Black Oystercatcher successful in opening this oyster catch?


In fact, he was so pleased with his success,  he jumped up and down with exuberance. 
(Did you notice four oystercatchers in the photo above?)

Afterwards, he stood proudly ~ satiated and happy :)

11.  One
The Roman Numeral I is located on the clock face of the telescoping card I made for my son this month, as we geared up for his birthday...

If you'd like to see the card in action, here's a short video I took ~

12.  Whatever

Back to the beginning of this post where the stranger was focussed on the ocean and its wildlife ~ I managed to take this photo...  If I had been set up with a tripod and a huge lens, too, it could have been much clearer and closer...however, I caught a catch!

That's it for this month ~ and the list has already been posted for December ~

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