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Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

Many thanks for your comments on June's Scavenger Hunt photographs ~ I really appreciated each one. 

1.  C is for Canada Day

July 1 - Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of Confederation (1867) when Canada became a country separate from the British Empire.  There were lots of Canadian flags waving in the breeze, and many people dressed in red and white.

2. 9 p.m. - sunset

Last night, I headed to the beach to catch the sun as it set right at 9 p.m.  It was a beautiful warm night.

As I was being captivated by the illuminated clouds, I caught a glimpse of movement and there, beneath the curve of the newish moon, flew a 21 bird salute. 

3.  Stem -  a nest stemming out of a cherry tree branch

My son climbed up the cherry tree, deciding which branches to prune this year, when he was dive-bombed by some winged creatures.  I've never seen anyone descend so quickly out of a tree!  Fortunately, he wasn't stung by these bald-faced hornets.  It could have been a disastrous encounter as we found out by learning more about these creatures.

In the evening, when the wasps were inside their nest, my son donned many layers of clothing, put a bright light on the ground, and shot a can of foam at the nest from the deck.  That took care of the nest which was too close for comfort, and my son continued on with his pruning efforts the next morning...including taking down a cedar tree in the front yard.  That certainly brightened up the front a lot!  He's quite a worker! 

On a rosier note, my Hot Cocoa Rose has many stems in bud.

4.  Pool

An indoor pool ~

and a picturesque 180 foot saltwater outdoor swimming pool located at Yellowpoint Lodge.

5. Dough

A play on words :)  Choosing bread made from 'dough' and shadow 'on the wall' (another category), creating a shadough

I made a batch of cupcakes for my sister-in-law's grandchildren who were vacationing in the area in early July.  I took the photo on my oven top under the bright lights, but have since photoshopped the photo, and set the cupcakes on a beach...they are un/dressed for the occasion after all... make dough ...bake ...decorate.

6.  Liquid

These fountains and palm trees offer a refreshing entrance way to a business in the community.

7.  Lever

I spotted levers on some heavy duty equipment ~

8.  On the wall

A next door neighbour from my previous home, has built an oasis in her back garden.  There are rock walls she built by hand, some ivy clad walls -  just a wonderful array of her artistic creativity.  A few years ago, her daughter mentioned her wish to get married in the family's back garden.... hence the spurt of ideas, energy, labour of love, and resulting loveliness.  Here's a partial view:

 9.  Together

In a field not far from here, there are two friends who spend their time together.  One is a horse and the other is a sheep.  They eat together, sleep together, and when it's warm, stay in the shade together.

10.  In your bag

Although this little bundle of joy hasn't (yet) been in my bag, I have been tempted, as he would fit inside perfectly!  A first puppy for a dear nine year old girl  ~

11.  Your view today

The view of today was taken yesterday at a farm ;)  I've often taken photos of this mountain when it's topped with snow, but in the middle of summer, it is nearly bare.  Behind the pond, is a tall cornfield.

 and of course, there can't be a view that doesn't include the beach ~ a panorama of part of it

12.  Sweet

Last, but not least, a chocolate birthday cake I baked for my son's girlfriend ~

Thanks again to greenthumb for hosting these monthly Photo Scavenger Hunts.  They really are fun to do, and give me an added incentive to get out there, keeping my eyes open for photo ops.  Thanks for stopping by and...leaving a comment, if you so wish :)