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Monday, March 30, 2015

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

March was an interesting and very busy month that included seeing true signs of spring, surprise mail, the herring run,  a visit to Victoria and numerous outings offering many opportunities for photos.

1.  Circle

While visiting Victoria, I enjoyed a walk around Fisherman's Wharf, a fun and vibrant community of float boats.  I created a collage of various circles I spotted during my walk.

2.  Card

There is nothing quite as delightful than receiving unexpected happy mail :)  Such was the case when I found an envelope in the mail box from Flighty.  The card inside was so cheery and sweet, and inside was a particularly wonderful gift... some flower seeds that bore my name!  They were sent in one of the little seed packets I made for Flighty awhile ago, for just such a purpose, to share with friends.  Thank you so much, Flighty, for the most thoughtful gift!  I'm looking forward to seeing the seeds grow and bloom into beautiful flowers so I can share the photos on this blog. 

3.  Window

The Fisherman's Wharf offered many unusual windows, so I thought I would use this door with porthole window for this category.

However, not long ago, I heard some very gentle tap-tapping at the window in the front door.  "Who's there?" I wondered.  Oh my....

The robin continued flying carefully at the window leaving behind little bird footprints.  I wasn't sure if I was being beckoned outside or whether the robin was just marking its territory, or being attracted to its reflection.  Once it had left, I went outside and looked about.  I refilled the birdbath with fresh water, and replenished the seed in the bird feeders.  Robins don't use the feeders, but just in case....

When I returned inside, look who was peering in through the window...

The robin stayed there looking from the outside in for a long time, cocking its head from side to side and peering up and down.  It was quite a fascinating experience!

4.  Art

How fortunate that there was so much to see at Fisherman's Wharf.  This particular float house had many arts and crafts embellishing its exterior...and no doubt the interior was just as decorative.

5. Skyline

At the end of one of the wharfs, I saw a picturesque scene that included a little ferry boat and caught the skyline of the condos across the harbour.

6.  A favourite word

I did see "Love" carved into the sand at the beach, but this sign at the end of one of the wharfs was my favourite find in the 'word' department...

7.  Movement

The herring season does not last long, but the number of gulls, Brant geese, other sea birds, and sea lions, are seen in great numbers... following the food chain.   Even Killer Whales were spotted, but not by me (:

To emphasize movement, here is a video I made... quite startling about .30 secs.

8.  Bathroom

Here is a restroom that I'm sure does not contain a bath, but it does sport an attractive window box  :)

9.  Car

I took this photo through my car window and there are pictures of cars in that's how it ended up in this category!

10.  Plate

How about a brass plate on a guardian of the mail?

 or a metal plate identifying a float house's dock location, and edging a collection of heart rocks? I C-7 and a lot more!

11.  Something I made

A crispy topping on a cottage pie that I made has served itself into this category :)

12.  Whatever

How could Sammy the Seal be left out?  He couldn't, so here he is looking up from the waters at Fisherman's Wharf!  He even has a 'whatever' expression, I think.

Thanks to greenthumb for continuing to sponsor these monthly photo scavenger hunts, which spurs me on to look for specific objects and keeps this blog going, even if sporadically.  Thank you readers and commenters for your continued support :)

Oh, and don't let April fool you!