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Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well, here we are entering my favorite season ~ Spring!  We are also experiencing some glorious weather this week.  Time to put my March photos before heading outside :)

1.  Local
A photo taken down at the local beach front yesterday ~
Buds are blossoming ~

2.  City
A Spring scene taken while visiting Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC, the capital city of British Columbia.
3. Stripes
There were a few birds vying for this category, all showing off their stripes ~  A pair of ducks won out!

4.  Crisp
Although we are experiencing an early Spring, a crisp coldness is apparent at higher levels.

5.  Street Art
Chemainus is referred to as the 'little town that did' ~ famous for its murals.

6. Tiles
A tiled roof spotted while driving through a residential neighbourhood.

7. Rock Stairs
I noticed this combination of rock and stairs leading up to a large home.

8. Hair
Hair it is!
Edit to add:  Spring is in the hair ;)  (Sometimes I make myself laugh.)

9.  Measure
Here's a bald eagle taking measure of its surroundings ~
and some vials of liquid spotted in the lab of the Deep Bay Marine Field Station 
10. Large
Near the location of the previous rock stairs photo, there was a large heavy duty excavator resting atop an even larger pile of rocks ~

11.  For one
A kayak for one shares the coastline with gulls galore ~

 12.  Landscape

I have many more photos for March, and hopefully will get a chance to post some more in the next while.

Thanks to Greenthumb for continuing to sponsor these monthly Scavenger Hunts.  I hope you enjoy my photos :)