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Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here are the results of my February scavenger hunt, hosted by Greenthumb and here's a link to her Scavenger Hunt section:

1.  F is for Frozen, at the beginning and at the end of this month, with some reprieve in between.  Little hummingbird was again freezing his tongue off, and suffering from possible brain freeze.  Actually that's just my take on it ~ the hummingbird seems to carry on as ever, although I'm sure fresh sweetened nectar is appreciated each time I refill the feeder.

Early in February, I drove my car through an automatic car wash ~ icicles were hanging off everything inside the covered area:

2.  3 p.m.

Today, at 3 p.m., I took a photo of my weather gauge ~ not too exciting, but lets me know that it is warming up outside and not overly warm inside!

3.  Grain

I noticed this wagon with bales acting as a decorative marker to a piece of property ~

4.  Lamp

The top of my lamp in the front window adds a little glow to the contrasting snow-covered boughs outside ~

5.  Clock

I know this photo shows 12:15 or so, but also thought, if push came to shove, I could use it for the 3:00 p.m. slot ~ just have to pretend that the lengths of the hands are switched ;)

6.  Honey

Friends of mine came down with bad colds ~ which is nothing unusual during this time of the year, but it was especially worrying as one of them has other serious health issues.  We have a long standing relationship with humour, so as I was packing up the Bee Well gift basket, I added a compilation of bee jokes.

My friends really appreciated the basket contents, and after reading the jokes out loud, made themselves hot lemon and honey tea drinks.  Laughter is the best medicine, of course.

The next day...I realized I'd missed the mark, literally even!   I couldn't believe I'd put fresh bare-naked lemons in the basket when they would have made perfect...


Naturally, I had to quickly acquire a plastic lemon and dress it up forthwith and send it on its way to them, along with a poem. (click to enlarge)

When I answered the phone, all I could hear was 'buzzing' as they buzzed and buzzed before thanking me ;)

7.  Fountain

How about a frozen fountain, since that's what this month is all about ~ freezing, frozen, frigid, frosty February!

The lamp post isn't really inserted into the fountain ~ just the angle of the shot.

8.  Round ~  I had quite a few round choices, but today, while the sun was shining, I took a little walk around the neighbourhood and saw these round ball-like seed clusters hanging from a tree.  I don't know what kind of a tree it is, but I might just keep my eye on it and take note as the season moves into spring.  Quite a jolly bauble tree!

9.  Shadow

A photo of the slush wending through the river with trees shadowed on the rocks was my choice for this category.

10.  Group

Back to one of my favorite subjects, birds ~ in this case a group of ducks taking off.

11.  Re-purpose

Does turning over-ripe bananas into banana nut bread count? 

12.  Clouds

Back to the river ~ I thought this frozen formation at the river's edge mirrored a reflection of a cloudy sky.

and as February draws to a close, please remember to ... Bee Kind and Bee Well ~ those are the wishes of the lovely Queen Bee  ~

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Carrying on...

January 31, 2014 continued ...

A raft of basking sea lions was next upon the scene,
With bodies intermingled and nowhere in between.

I headed up the highway then stopped awhile in town.
I turned and headed homeward ~ Two eagles swirling down!

The traffic braked. The eagles twirled with talons interlocked.
Just before they hit the ground, they flew apart!  In shock ~
I snatched hold of my camera, and aimed it at the pair
No time to check the settings, or check my line of sight...
A blurry close encounter of timing, force, and flight.

Down one more road I ventured, and came across a group ~
People pointing out to sea...of course, I had to snoop...

Rafts and rafts of sea lions cavorting in the bay ~
The waves awash with splashes, as bodies leaped in play.

A day to truly treasure ~ a day out of the blue.
A day of nature’s wonders, and one I share with you.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good start to the last day of January

January 31, 2014

The morning was amazing... the sky, a perfect blue.

I grabbed my case of cameras, and out the door I flew.

The mountain glistened brightly, set off behind the trees.

The temperature, quite chilly,  had dropped a few degrees.

Two eagles perched together, looked out across the bay.

Their eagle eyes were watching;  two focussed birds of prey.

I stopped beside a marshland to get a better view.

of something quite amazing...ten herons passing through.

I’d never seen so many, like statues...there they stood

And I just kept on far, this day looked GOOD! 

To be continued ~