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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Good start to the last day of January

January 31, 2014

The morning was amazing... the sky, a perfect blue.

I grabbed my case of cameras, and out the door I flew.

The mountain glistened brightly, set off behind the trees.

The temperature, quite chilly,  had dropped a few degrees.

Two eagles perched together, looked out across the bay.

Their eagle eyes were watching;  two focussed birds of prey.

I stopped beside a marshland to get a better view.

of something quite amazing...ten herons passing through.

I’d never seen so many, like statues...there they stood

And I just kept on far, this day looked GOOD! 

To be continued ~


  1. It was definitely a day to make the most of, as indeed you did. Ten herons must have been quite a sight. Flighty xx

    1. It was an amazing sight, Flighjty ~ and the rest of the day was terrific as well! See next post :)

  2. It looks a day to cherish. What a contrast to dull dismal here.

    1. An absolutely remarkable day, Adrian ~ a day to cherish indeed. Keep warm!

  3. Replies
    1. It was a surprise to see so many, Elaine ~ all standing there as if they were gathering for a meeting of some sort :)

  4. TEN herons????? that aint fair! One would do, what a wonderland you live in, even better than Narnia. I don't think you can beat that...EVER! I loved your eagles and really enjoyed your poem...a talent you have for

    1. Sorry for the late comment, Snowbird, but thanks so much for leaving such an upbeat comment :)