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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm home!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm home!  What a terrific holiday in California ~ so many places, and so many photographs!  It will take me time to organize them and I have many things to do now that I am home, so it will be awhile until I post about my trip.

A super highlight for me was to meet Nikki and Roomie, see and experience their beautiful rose garden, stroke Wimsey the softest-fur cat and share lunch with them at Taco Temple, Morro Bay.  Thank you so much for the links about meeting my brother and me, Nikki!

The sun is shining here at home, too, so there's much to be done!

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Scavenger List and Where am I?

At the moment I am only able to post this summary, although I have all the photos ready to post. 

The thing is I'm not at home... that's right, I've fled the country, even!

My brother drove back from his 3 month holiday in California, picked me up and drove us both back down here to Morro Bay where he had left his RV motorhome set up.    My goodness, what a trip ~ 2,122 km in three days to get here (over 4000 km for him!).  Perfect travelling weather, and I am just loving the beach towns, local sights and seeing different kinds of birds.  Many photos!  The best sightings one morning were of a peregrine falcon and some sea otters having a 'whale' of a time in the bay. 

There is wi-fi here at the park, so I am able to check posts and email, but I don't want to spend my holiday (we'll be here at least a month), in front of the computer screen.

I'll check in when I can :)  California dreamin' ....