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Friday, November 28, 2014

November Photo Scavenger Hunt :)

Surprise! Well, not really, but another month has sped by, and it's time for me to post!!!

1.  N is for ...  Neigh-baas

As you may recall, there are a couple of  pals that live close by, my Neigh-baas.  Recently I noticed that a few more sheep had arrived in the field and I wondered how that would affect the relationship of my two friends.  No need to worry

Here comes Neigh to visit Baa, and Baa heads towards Neigh...awww

 a nuzzle...
 a snuggle...
 and off they walk together, leaving the other sheep to continue nibbling at the blackberry hedge.

2. 12 pm

Near the beginning of November, I was in Victoria and my youngest son and I drove to the top of Mt. Tolmie.  Here is a photo taken at 11:59 a.m. from one of the viewpoints...360 degrees of possibilities!

3.  People
And it just so happened that we weren't the only people on Mt. Tolmie ~ there was a gathering of artists on a cement platform taking advantage of the views on such a pleasant autumn day.

4.  Look back

Not very far back, just October 31.  Each Halloween I put a sign in my front window.  I made it quite a few years ago by fitting an unwound set of coloured lights into a box, then covered the box with a couple of layers of wax paper to diffuse the lights.  I printed the words on cardstock and cut them out. The options for signs are only limited by the number of cardstock cut outs made!    It flashes various colours depending on the setting selected on the controller. Caution:  if you try something like this, please be aware of potential fire danger....mine doesn't get hot, but other lights might cause problems.

 5.  Joy is ...

a collection of white stones and two heart stones gathered for me by one of my sons who spent a couple of weeks on Haida Gwaii... I thought it was a wonderful gesture and it warmed my heart :)

6.  Out and about

I have other photos I also wanted to share in this category, and I am determined to share them soon... What I did choose was the mountain that has doffed its snow covering showing in my last post.  This may change soon, as it is cooling down again and there is snow forecast for higher elevations.

7.  Paper

My son (who brought me the rocks) celebrated a birthday a few days ago, and I decided to make him a shaker birthday card.  He is all about the environment, gardening, sustainability and the like.  Each year he takes my fallen oak leaves and uses them for mulch/compost in his garden. I decided to punch out some little leaves from one of my red oak leaves that I had pressed, and incorporate the little leaves into the card....when the card is shaken, the leaves look like they are being thrown around by the little mouse inside the plastic covering...hence:

8.  Window

We have had very mixed weather this month....freezing, balmy, windy, calm, sun, rain...but no snow (yet)... On a very crisp morning, after a night of frost, I spotted a little hummingbird through the window of my front door.  How unusual!  It was sitting on a branch just outside.  I quickly took a photo or two, then ran to the front window to see the state of the feeder.  Sure enough, it looked icy, and would surely have given the bird...brainfreeze!   I quickly made some fresh nectar and righted the situation!

9. Hair

Does this count?  Finally, a Kingfisher sat long enough to get its photo taken.  It was a cool day, not much sun, but just enough to warm this rock where it perched for awhile.  I thought its 'hair' looked rather sporty so that's why it made it into this category!

10.  Funny
 Often when I'm walking along the beach or shore, I notice configurations that remind of something...In this case I saw this:

What's so funny, you may ask...

Well, this is what I saw: Ahem.

10. Something I found

How did this perfectly smooth 3D oval piece of ice come to be on the shore?  I have no idea...

12.  Whatever I please

Recently I attended a Christmas Barn Fair, and was enchanted to find a homemade headless Sheep Stool...Ahha, thought I, perfect for my farmer friend who likes sheep. So home it came.  But what to make for a card to go with it?  Of course, perfectly obvious, a face card, it being headless and all....So I printed off a sheep face, added some woolly forelocks, wrote a little verse inside...added a lambswool scarf...and now its all ready for Christmas. 

Thanks once again to Greenthumb for hosting these monthly scavenger hunts!