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Friday, October 30, 2015

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for your responses to my previous post.  I appreciate all comments :)

October has been quite wonderful weather wise, with a mixture of sunny days and expected wind and showers.  It is interesting to go through my month's photos to remind myself of some of the places I've been and sights I've seen.  On with October's photos:

1.  Question
Apparently there are 130 Visitor Centres throughout BC to answer any questions, ...identified by their distinctive, blue-and-yellow logo, these Visitor Centres provide a wide range of visitor services, including professional visitor counselling, helpful travel information and literature, and accommodation reservations. Visitor Centres specialize in community information and provincial itinerary planning and their service is friendly and personalized.
 2.  Cream
Not ice cream, but a cream coloured mix of seaweed where a creamy Sandpiper is camouflaged in the mass.

3.  Number
A chalk artist decorated the beachfront walk with a colourful display of rainbows, and a Halloween Hopscotch ~

4. Lattice

Here is an October rose supported by lattice work on either side of this bright welcoming door.

 5. Familiar
A familiar October sight ~ trees displaying leaves in their autumnal splendour.

 6.  Ring

I discovered that guests have been coming to a certain resort in October for many years.  They have become like family, and one of the ways they celebrate this occasion is to ...what else, but decorate their own noodles with rings of pool noodles and go for a chilly swim.  The lady who told me this was one of the crew, but at 91 years of age, said she was no longer a 'beach babe'. did anyone actually swim in the salt water?

7.  Today

Well, the 'today' I took this photo, I was at the Tibetan Happy Festival at a Buddhist Temple and grounds ~ so a very peaceful way to spend an afternoon ~

8.  Down
I caught a glimpse of dark feathers and shadow against the rocky shore as I looked down from the beachfront sidewalk.

9.  Writing
At the Tibetan Happy Festival, a selection of beautiful Native American Spirit Flutes were on display, and the writing on the posters introduced Terry Mack, who played one of the flutes, adding to the harmony and ambiance of the afternoon.

10.  Many

Of course, during October most of the autumn leaves fall and are swept into gatherings!

11.  Broken

I spotted a few juvenile Bald Eagles at the estuary, some finding broken posts as vantage points.

12. Whatever

Here's a fine chap at the beach,

however discovering he was chosen for 'Whatever' rather than being Number 1, he looked a bit down in the mouth and maybe even broken-hearted...enough to cause a double take...wait for it...

To finish off...I noticed a few young crows and their mother at the beach.  When I downloaded the photos, there appeared to be a log monster behind one of the young