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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hopper, Skipper and a...dragonfly

Photos of the rabbit on Day 2 in the Post Office parking lot:

These next photos are of, what I believe to be, a "Woodland Skipper". A skipper is a very small butterfly (about 1 cm) and quite moth-like. The skipper was flying between the deodara and cedar trees, and I was able to take photos as it landed on each one. Check out its curly proboscis! Clicking on the thumbnails will enlarge the photos.


Here's a dragonfly that stayed put long enough for a photo, but the background is so "busy", it's hard to see its details as clearly as I'd like.


Again, thanks to London Daily Nature Photo for giving me some insights, although I know there's no comparison! His photos are exceptional!!! Also, Uphilldowndale has recently posted some fantastic bird close-ups ~ "In the blink of an eye"!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hopping to it!


Since returning to work this week, I have met the morning by walking/running around the block as soon as I get up. This is my attempt to get my blood circulating and so far I've really felt the benefit of the "kickstart". I'm not a coffee drinker, so this is my get up and go.

On two occasions when picking up the mail on my way to work this week, I have encountered this furry creature sitting in the parking lot:


Perhaps he's waiting for me to introduce him to Daffy's new back garden exercise machine:


In the afternoon, I noticed a rabbit cloud... Is it just me,or can you see it too?


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rain and Sunflowers

Flighty has shown us his sunflowers, so out I went on this rainy day, to see how mine were doing. There are only a few, but I think the tallest is about 7 feet high.



Since I had my camera in hand, I had a little wander around the garden to see what else I could find.

I really love tuberous begonias, and have a few of different colours in and amongst my window boxes.

The Hot Cocoa rose seems to be gathering raindrops!


The sundeck in the rain doesn't seem very inviting ~

and Mr. Spider is still surfing the web...

This fuschia survived from last year to bloom again, and the New Guinea impatiens adds a cheery note to the table on the deck.

I picked some Folklore roses, because the branches were bending quite low ~ and put them on my kitchen window sill.


Even though it was a bit of a blustery wet day, the colourful flowers brightened it up!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Over the sea - to sky !

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening in Victoria. I spent a couple of happy hours on a point overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait, and no matter what the viewpoint, there was lots to see!

Numerous vessels sailed/motored by:

Hellespont Protector:

Here's a couple of sites that give specs etc.


Next up was the cargo ship OOCL Germany

and here's their website

Of course a few smaller vessels were making a splash and "waving":

The yellow boat, "Prince of Whales" belongs to a whale watching company.
Here's what they had to say on their website about Thursday (yesterday when I took the photos)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

+ 9:18 PM +
Today we were fortunate enough to have 3 separate groups of Killer Whales in the area. We had J pod a K pod swimming North near San Juan Island and we also had a small group of Transient Killer Whales out West near Race Rocks. The weather was very mild and the seas were cooperative enough. We have trips leaving all day tomorrow and we hope to have the same luck we had today.

There's a whale of a ship on the horizon!

Now, from the sea ~ to sky.

I love watching birds in flight, either flapping, soaring, enjoying thermals, or against a bit of blue sky, sun or cloud ~

...oops, I should have added, or whirling like this Helijet whirlybird ;)

They are offering a summer STAND-BY fare of $75 between Victoria and Vancouver! That's something to know!

The breeze wasn't just for the birds...I heard a loud whirring sound, and took this out feathered friends!

More "sailors" ~

As you can see they sailed off into the sunset, which made me realize it was about time I did the same...

I had a long drive home, but found two more ships as I drove along the scenic route ...

These cruise ships were probably on their last stopover on their return trip from Alaska to Seattle WA.

I drove past the famous Empress Hotel and headed towards the main highway out of town!

'd think that would be a nice ending..., however, I have a photo of these two "surprised eyes" in the sky and the image made me smile, so I had to flip one...