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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Wishes, Daffy



  1. She will love this big smiley post! xx

  2. hehehehehehe. *gasp* hahahahaha
    Well that is just super! Glo! Where do you find them! I must admit, nearly every card I recieved had a nelly on it. :o)
    I fell like the Queen, I think my celebrations started Friday, but it's offical. Today, 10th, I am 23.. oh, ok, I'm 30. *winks* Ack, what the heck, I'm 39 and we have one year to choose me a new blog title! (Rolling down the hill quickly?, Half a Century Looms?)
    I'm actually suffering a bit. I have a rash from head to toe which is itching like mad. (cheap bubble bath on Friday night) I'm coping though, shedding skin to the horror of my children and scratching like a flea ridden dog but hopefully it will ease soon. I've such sensitive skin don't you know. Right! I've rattled on enough here. Many many thanks! Not sure if you are a huggy person but you get them anyway! *hugs*

  3. Well, that is a lovely birthday post! Poor Daffy - hope your rash ends quickly so you can enjoy your 30s :-)

  4. More birthday greetings to Daffy, from me! x

  5. Happy to hear you had a lovely birthday, Daffy ~ but sorry to hear about the spots!