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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Winging it!

During my recent walk to the beach, I came across a Pine White butterfly swaying in the breeze on a yellow-flowered bush. The plant seems to be a Buddleia Honeycomb, seemingly a yellow variety of the more common blue Buddleia butterfly bush. At one time, I may not even have noticed the butterfly, but now my eyes are pealed for all sorts of nature's wonders, which prompt me to research more into each discovery.

A wonderful site from the University of British Columbia (E-Fauna BC) has helped me learn more about local butterflies:

This site (NatureWorks)describes the Pine White Butterfly

as does this Govt. of Canada site:

This next site (Butterfly Garden) is also very informative, and introduced me to the Skipper, which is a small butterfly ~ and from this I've gleaned that my previous photo of the brownish butterfly on the petunia was actually a Woodland Skipper.

The caterpillar of the Pine White Butterfly eats conifer needles, so is considered to be some, a pest! Does that mean it might be a WEED of the butterfly world!?


  1. This butterfly is no weed, it is beautiful and very different to any we would see over here in the UK. You couldn't show us a photo sometime of the yellow buddleia, I am intrigued. x

  2. Sorry Glo, I have just realised the butterfly is on the yellow buddleia in your photos. I think I need a break and a drink! x

  3. Oh oh oh! Look at the glow you've captured on that butterly wing!

  4. The markings are lovely, what a keen natures eye you have Glo!
    I like butterflies although I don't think I'm alert enough to see much more than the white cabbage ones. (I think that's waht they are called... or cauliflower..)

  5. Hi Louise, I'll go by the bush again and take a better picture of because I was quite intrigued by it, too. I can't say I've seen that particular type of bush growing anywhere else. I thought it might be a type of buddleia by the shape of the flowering heads. Yes, it was a very pretty butterfly, with very delicate markings. I think it is the caterpillars that worry some people because of the damage they can do to conifers. I was glad to be able to find the name of the butterfly and the buddleia and learn more about them :)

    Nikki ~ I must confess to a bit of Photoshop lighting there! I wanted to emphasize the eye area...and tried to see if a little bit of magic would help! ;)

    Hi Daffy ~ Thanks:) Well now that I've learned to wait until the butterflies are feeding before attempting to take photos, it helps! I used to flutter about the yard like them, and become quite frustrated trying to take a photo, to say nothing of feeling dizzy...haha

    Those white ones you talk about seem to be real flutterbies, and I have seen the fly extremely high! Well, I'm off to see what else I can find out there :)

  6. Wonderful! Terrific photos, especially the first one.
    Buddleias over here are usually the purple ones and I didn't know there was a yellow one.
    Interesting links that I shall look at in more detail over the weekend. xx

  7. Glad you enjoyed the butterfly, Flighty :) The links were very helpful and informative for me.