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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hopper, Skipper and a...dragonfly

Photos of the rabbit on Day 2 in the Post Office parking lot:

These next photos are of, what I believe to be, a "Woodland Skipper". A skipper is a very small butterfly (about 1 cm) and quite moth-like. The skipper was flying between the deodara and cedar trees, and I was able to take photos as it landed on each one. Check out its curly proboscis! Clicking on the thumbnails will enlarge the photos.


Here's a dragonfly that stayed put long enough for a photo, but the background is so "busy", it's hard to see its details as clearly as I'd like.


Again, thanks to London Daily Nature Photo for giving me some insights, although I know there's no comparison! His photos are exceptional!!! Also, Uphilldowndale has recently posted some fantastic bird close-ups ~ "In the blink of an eye"!


  1. I see the pic of the bunny bum,
    I'd have rather seen a pic of bunny chum!
    He's cute enough that is for sure!
    He has in his eyes a certain allure.
    As for the butterfly, well it's very pretty.
    I've never seen one out here in the city.
    I'm verty grateful for the beauty you share,
    You have a talent for nature which is very rare!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the posting, Flighty :)

    Daffy ~

    Now never mind the bunny’s bum!
    I think he’s lost his dad and mum!
    In fact the others that were there
    could be his siblings, just as fair!
    Perhaps he’s waiting for some mail,
    you know, the kind that’s sent by snail
    I bet that’s it! He’s left the yard
    in hopes he’ll get a funny card!
    But then again … we can’t forget
    he just may be somebody’s pet!

  3. I love these poems! Reading these has put a smile on my face and got my week off to a great start.
    Thanks Daffy and Glo! xx

  4. The butterfly's proboscis looks like a french horn! Our wild bunnies don't look like this one, it looks healthy, maybe he/she is a parking lot pet. x

  5. But Flighty, once I start to rhyme,
    I seem to do it all the time!
    But if it brings a happy smile
    I will continue for a while :)

    Louise ~ LOL ~ yes I can see the French Horn! I will try and determine more about the rabbit when I next go to the post office! As an aside, inside the post office there are two golden labs. Once, one of them stood up at the wicket when I came in...I suppose if I'd bought stamps he'd have been more than happy to have licked them for me :)

  6. It does so please do!
    I love the story about the labrador. xx

  7. Excellent! Always nice to see similar species as much as different ones in other parts of the world. I particularly like the Skippers though they seem to be overlooked by many as small brown and uninteresting. Nice proboscis detail in your shots.

    The dragon looks like a Common or Ruddy Darter. If your weather is anything like ours, this time of year they tend to stay nearer the ground when the sun is shining to get the benefit of reflected heat.

    I also enjoyed the rabbit poem.

  8. Glo - love your pics. The rabbit looks so soft and cuddly. We have rabbits in the neighborhood but not this kind. They are smaller and have shorter hair. As for the butterfly, I have never seen one like that. Even the dragonfly on a camouflage background is strikingly intricate.

  9. Nic ~ Thanks so much for checking out my photos and commenting. Interesting to find out the name of the dragonfly, and understand why it was "down to earth". Glad you enjoyed the poem ;)

    Roomie ~ Yes, he is kind of a cuddly looking rabbit, isn't he? Thanks for your kind words about my photos! Maybe you'll take and share a photo of one of your neighbourhood rabbits!

  10. Totally melted over the bunny pics. In answer to you, yes, I have had 4 buns in the past - all of them with distinct characters and quirks. Out of all the pets I have had, I miss them the most. It's a physical longing, I suppose almost like how a mother misses a child - sure, they were my babies.

    My favorite spot on a bunny is the back of the head. The hair there is the softest, like a remnant of babyhood. *sigh*

  11. Oh good lord, I sound as though I'm getting broody...