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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fruit, deer and sunset

The fruit on the pear and apple trees are coming along nicely :) I should have had a photo of the "Grapricot" tree here as well. The grape vine is all over the apricot tree, hence its new name, and green grapes, although still unripe, are hanging everywhere.

Sorry Daffy, but thought these deer photos were worth showing. I saw these two in someone's garden. The first shot shows the deer thinking...then up it goes on its hind legs, ahhhh, satisfaction!

Here's a sequence of typical summer sunsets here...taken the other night.


  1. I love this type of entry.
    Great pictures, especially the sunsets.The fruit is looking good, and I like the deer! xx

  2. Gah! And there I was thinking some genius gardener had created a delicious hybrid of the grape and the apricot. Imagine the wine from that!

    More deer - a Pacific Northwest blogger has posted a pic on his page, tantalizing me also. You know, in The Woodlands (north of Houston) my father saw deer every day - on the bike trails where he would ride, and between the tree from the car on his way to and from work. That was his particular blessing, as I never saw ONE in a decade!

  3. Flighty ~ Pleased you enjoyed the blog entry. :) Summer is moving along here, and I am looking forward to tasting those pears, especially. They are scrumptious ones. Couldn't resist putting up the deer photos. There are signs all over the place here about "watching for deer", as they seem to be everywhere...and yes the summer sunsets are spectacular, Glad to share them with you.

    Hi Olivia ~ LOL re the Grapicot hybrid! It certainly looks like a new variety, because the grape vine has provided a canopy over the tree and is dripping with grapes. Grapicot wine does sound delicious!

    Interesting story about your dad and the deer ~ they are certainly plentiful around here, and one always has to be on the lookout while driving as they meander across the roads!

  4. Glo, your photographs are fabulous, especially of the sunsets. I'd love an orchard where I could grow apples and pears, yours look amazing. In one photo the deer looks like a kangaroo, but then I realised you didn't live in Australia! x

  5. Thanks Louise ~ it's a big back yard with 2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, an apricot tree (that holds up the grape vine!) and a cherry tree, so lots of tasty fruit! Glad you liked the sunsets especially, and yes, I thought the same...that the deer did look very kangarooish! Thanks for your lovely comment :)