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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bright and Bloomin' Breezy!

Yesterday, as I was lounging on the deck, my eye caught a glimmer of silver threads in the sunlight, and I became quite mesmerized watching a spider spin a beautiful intricate web. Today I noticed it had disappeared, but another one had been spun under the other end of the planter box. The only thing is the spider had anchored the ends on the flowers in the box, and a flower on the floral lounge material! Here is yesterday's web being spun...the spider is a light brown colour, but the sunlight washed out his coloring in the movie. How dexterous!

I promised a photo of the 'Grapricot Tree', but it seems the vine has also hitched up with another tree, producing a 'Grapple Tree' as well:

From the rose garden:

Wenlock, New Dawn, Hot Cocoa, Folklore


Other blooms:

The first nasturtium to flower:

Today, it was a perfect day for hanging wash on the line:

Sheets to the wind, and close-up of spider ~


  1. That spider looks very ghost like! It's amazing to see them spinning webs like that.
    There looks to be lots of grapes which I hope ripen up, and then...
    What a lovely selection of roses and other flowers, and as for that blue hydrangea!
    There's nothing quite like sheets that have dried like that. They really do have a fresh air smell to them.
    Thanks for a bright and breezy summer entry! xx

  2. Hi Flighty ~ Oh, Bright and Breezy would be a great title for this entry! I was attempting to think of a title connecting the various parts of the entry, but that sounds just right. Hope you don't mind that I've snitched it ;)

    Yes, spider does look ghostlike ~ most of the photos weren't any better, but I think I've found one that shows his coloring, so I'll post it soon. Could you hear me speaking in the last video? I was talking about the bird house being visible while I was holding the camera, but there's no way I can see it in the video..LOL
    I had a very restful sleep in my fresh-air sheets!

    I haven't quite figured out what I'll do with all of the grapes once they are ripened. They are quite tasty.

    I do have a nice variety of colour around the garden. The blue hydrangea is indeed vivid, and I often cut some for an arrangement on a window sill :)

  3. How fantastic is that spider! Well, as fantastic as most spiders I guess, but what I meant to say was, how fantastic to see that spider! :o)
    (Ooooh whilst I type this one of fave songs has come on. I know I'll never love this way again. What a lovely song with a long title!)
    Where was I? Ah yes. The blooms are fabulous.
    Talking of blooms I hope they are not your bloomers gently blowing in the breeze! (haha)
    lovely post Glo! (Glow)

  4. LOL ~ Daffy ~ yes the spider was fascinating to watch...I'm going out in a minute to see if he's caught anything...whoops, just remembered there was a thundercloud burst this morning and I ran out and covered the lounge chair, without a thought of the web anchored to the chair...eek...

    The other thing blowing in the wind is an overshirt I used while painting ~ not bloomin' knickers ;) LOL

    Nice when a favorite song comes on ~

  5. Glo, what a lovely glimpse into your garden. I felt like I was coming up close to each perfect bloom. That rich pink of Wenlock looks like the fragrance would be wonderful. Does it have fragrance? The spider, now, I could do without. Too many are residing in my garden already!

  6. Hi Nikki ~ Nice to see you enjoying my garden :) Yes, the Wenlock has a lovely fragrance, and the buds come in clusters. It actually looks a little more red in real life I think. New Dawn also has a wonderful fragrance, but apparently it is prone to mildew. I just read that somewhere, and I have noticed it on the plant, which I have treated. Nevertheless, I might move it later to somewhere not close to the other roses. What do you think of that idea?

    Well I'm not fussy on spiders either, but this one was outside (always a plus!) and didn't have any red markings or hourglass shapes on him. Looked rather harmless especially when occupied with spinning the web. If he had been inside, he'd have been covered by a jar and taken outside!

  7. Hi Glo - thanks for stopping by at my place, good to see you :)

    And thanks too for the positive comments over at Flighty's.

    Those grapes look like they'll be very yummy!

  8. A Grapplicot tree? LOL!

    Ohhh, the courage I had to pluck up to watch the spider video. Because he is washed out with the light, I imagined he was a very small detached hand with many fingers. Eeps!

  9. Spiders are amazing little creatures. I have noticed the webs starting to appear in the garden, the time of year when you just constantly forget they are there, and walk into them. I'm OK with small spiders but do not like big and hairy housespiders, they are just so nimble and you can't catch them! I have watched a garden spider spin a web, it is fascinating to watch, I enjoyed watching your video. I see you have pink and blue hydrangeas, have you two types of soil, or are they in pots? x

  10. VP ~ You are more than welcome ~ thanks for dropping by and for your message :) I'll be taking more photos of the "grapplicot" tree as the grapes ripen, and then figure out what I'm going to do with them all...

    Liv ~ Love the nameL "Grapplicot Tree" That's what it will be forn ow on, unless of course it meanders farther to the pear tree..."Grappearlicot Tree"????

    Funny you should mention about imagining the spider as a detached hand (although that has a creepy kind of thought LOL). I was actually seeing the legs as fingers, also ~ like they were plunking on a silken harp!

    Hi Louise ~

    I'm in agreement re spiders, and normally they are not creatures that I hang around with...but a brand new web in the making is indeed amazing, and I think in spider world, this particular one would have won a prize for fine handiwork!

    The blue hydrangeas are in the back (north side) and must be in quite acidic soil, whereas the pink hydrangeas are on the west side of the house, in alkaline soil ~ neither of them are in pots, although I do have a couple of others that of which is a lacy one. Glad you enjoyed the video :)