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Monday, August 11, 2008

Spot On! for Daffy



  1. That'me! *points at lovely looking scratching lady* :o)
    Haha... well the calamine lotion seems to be helping. Last night my kids and hubby kept their heads down. I couldn't seem to open my mouth without growling but it does seem easier today!
    How are you? I haven't seen your fabulous comments around for a while and when I'm itchy I need your wit and humour to take my mind off it. I'm guessing you are busy but whatever the reason I hope you are ok and I hope to see you back around the blogs soon. We are a a couple of worry-warts me n Flighty.... we can't help it... it's a hobby of ours.
    Thanks for scratchy lady... I'll remember to avoid her when I feel an itch coming on. (I had the entire office scratching yesterday!)

  2. Thanks Daffy! For a few days, the weather changed to rain which gave me motivation to do some jobs indoors! I have done a lot of sorting, getting rid of old clothes, and generally trying to get things done before going back to work on Aug 25. I've still got the garage to attack! Also there have been a few "gatherings" which I have baked cakes for. At the end of July we had a family reunion on my in-law side, which affects me a bit emotionally as there is a lot of history and feelings I have to deal with. Anyway, I am OK, although a bit introspective! Thanks for caring :) and hopefully your rash will disappear in a flash!

  3. One of my abiding memories is catching chicken pox as a teenager.
    I'm sure itchy spots were one birthday surprise Daffy didn't want!
    Thanks for the smiley entry! xx

  4. HEEEEE! Brilliant, Glo! I know how uncomfortable an all-over rash can be. You can think of little else.

  5. I've tried to post a new blog entry, but each time I see the scratching, I get itchy, and have to leave....

    hope you're better by now!