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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hopping to it!


Since returning to work this week, I have met the morning by walking/running around the block as soon as I get up. This is my attempt to get my blood circulating and so far I've really felt the benefit of the "kickstart". I'm not a coffee drinker, so this is my get up and go.

On two occasions when picking up the mail on my way to work this week, I have encountered this furry creature sitting in the parking lot:


Perhaps he's waiting for me to introduce him to Daffy's new back garden exercise machine:


In the afternoon, I noticed a rabbit cloud... Is it just me,or can you see it too?



  1. He/she doesn't look like a wild rabbit... I wonder if it's a lost pet?
    He is definitely waiting for something..
    Perhaps he is waiting for his go!

    I'm waiting to take my turn on the rabbit trapeze.
    I can't wait for my turn; I know it'll be a breeze!
    The rabbit gym is at Daffy's place
    The queues to play are a disgrace!
    Hopefully soon it will be my turn..
    Some rabbit fat I hope to burn.
    While I wait here as the wind does blow..
    I might be lucky and I may see Glo!
    I don't know if I see a rabbit in the clouds but I can certainly see a lamb...

  2. I love it! I see the rabbit in the clouds skipping kind of sideways.

    I'm with Daffy on the white rabbit - it looks like someone's pet hoping its people will come back to the parking lot and take it home :-(

    Brillian poem, Daffy!

  3. I love the rabbit photo!
    Yes I can see the cloud one, but how about this one
    I also love Daffy's poem, which goes great with your 'cartoon'! xx

  4. Yes i can see the rabbit in the cloud doubt at all. And I love the one sitting in the yard.

    Very cute.

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  6. LOL Thanks Poet Daffy for the funny bunny tale ;) Sure brought a smile :) Rabbit trapeze...haha

    Oh goodness me, a white pet rabbit?
    Is your advice to go and grab it?
    Today I saw there were two more!
    Which means next time, there may be four!
    Perhaps I’ll find a hutch to borrow

    ...they’re hare today…and gone tomorrow…

    *chuckles and runs away quickly*

    Lamb clouds are just as white and fluffy :)

    Hi Nikki :)
    Glad you can see the rabbit in the clouds! It is in a rural area, and there seems to be more than this rabbit hopping around there. Next time I'm in the post office, I'll ask about them and see if I can find out anything.

    Hello Flighty :)
    Glad you enjoyed meeting Sir Rabbit. Now there's no doubt about the rabbit cloud link! Amazing. I've been walking around with my head in the clouds for days! Yes, Daffy's poem is delightful ~ thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Nic ~ Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting.:) Much appreciated and glad you liked Rabbit and could see him in the clouds. Thanks to the inspiration from your super photos, I've attempted to get a couple of close ups today that I'll blog about soon!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh, rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit - gimme gimme gimme gimme!

    Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to snuggle with bunnies once again!!!!!

    P.S. After regaining my breath, yes, I can see the rabbit in the clouds, carefully crouched.

    P.P.S. I hope that bunny wasn't lost for too long as domestic buns are rubbish at taking care of themselves in the wild.

  8. Hi Liv ~ Good to see you :) Sounds like you've had bunny pets in the past! More photos of bunny coming up...and hopefully I'll find out about him and a couple of his other friends (or relatives) when I next go to the post office!

  9. I spotted the bunny in the clouds straightaway. x