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Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Photo Scavenger Hunt

We are still suffering from an extremely dry summer, with only two days of rain during July.  Temperatures are perfect, but the need for rain is evident everywhere.  It looks like we'll have to hang on until August 6th for a rain break.

Upcoming forecast:

Nary a snowflake left on the mountain ~
This was a full month of summer activities, starting out with Canada day on July 1 ~

On with the Photo Scavenger Hunt:

1.  D is for ...diving

The airshow was held on one of the days when it rained, so the photos and videos show a grey sky, and the odd raindrop on my lens...

 Here's a video I took of some of the action overhead ~

2.  Wide

Open wide.... chocolate cupcake coming your way ~

3.  Edge

A sand castle competition offered a perfect choice for this category ~  My Better Half, with distinct sliced edges ~

 4.  Cylindrical

A fire hydrant covered with begonias was my initial choice for this category ~

 until I saw the can of spinach belonging to Popeye at the sand castle competition.

5.  Feelings

Some of you may remember the Neigh-Baas that are buddies with steadfast feelings of friendship towards each other.  Recently I saw them together near the edge of their (dry) field brightened by the dahlia background.

 6.  Mysterious

I saw a mysterious person covered in a white cloth, perhaps to shield herself from the hot day. and when she turned to face me, she remained cloaked in mystery.

 7.  Weed

This bee is pollen-clad and seems to have selected a perfect weed.


8. Joke

 Knock knock joke continues here:

9.  Pile

A pile of rocks forming a breakwater.

 10.  Speed

Back to the sand castle competition, and Einstein's Relativity Sculpture ~
The equivalence of energy E and mass m is reliant on the speed of light c and is described by the famous equation:  E = mc 2

11.  Night

A July sunset at the beach ~

12.  Whatever

I was admiring this beautiful shell ~

~ apparently I wasn't the only one ~

Thanks to greenthumb for hosting these monthly photo scavenger hunts, and also thanks to those who visit my blog.  Any comments much appreciated :)