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Friday, August 29, 2014

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to greenthumb for hosting these monthly challenges.  Here are my selected photos for August :)

1.  W is for Wind and Waves
Yesterday I was in Victoria, and the wind was a-blowing, stirring up the waves.

2. 5 p.m.

I checked through my photos, and here is a photo taken on a trip home around 5 p.m., ~ Mountains looming out of the forest.

3. Everyday ~ one must be on the alert for deer on the roads.  Here's one little high stepping bambi following his family right in front of my car.  On go my flashing lights, as I slow to a stop in hopes that other vehicles stop, too!

4. Centered ~ a couple of centered selections a church bell,

and the other a dog on board ;)

5.  Peace - symbolized by a white dove ~

 and do you see one in the cloud?  Spread PEACE, little dove!

 6.  Ball ~ I spotted many during the month ~ beach balls, colourful gazing balls in gardens, but chose this one with the couple and dog paddling towards sunset ~

7.  Luggage ~  Oh yes, loads of luggage being carted here and there during this holiday season!

8. Under ~ These apple tree branches were bent over, under the heavy weight ~ noticed many deer-nibbles on the twigs.  Wonder if any other animals will wander by before the crop is picked... bears?  raccoons?  They are easy picking!

9.  On your shelf ~ for the third time, my orchid is in bloom.  I received this orchid as a birthday gift a few years ago, and each time it finishes blooming, I put it on a shelf in a north facing window.  Lo and behold, it starts a new branch and more flowers, so off the shelf it comes, and onto a pedestal!

10.  Something you do everyday ~ most of those things, would be pretty routine and not too interesting to others, I'm sure.  However, I do enjoy looking up at the sky each day when I'm sitting on the deck, watching the beautiful blue sky and smatterings of clouds drift by.  Recently I spotted a heart-shaped cloud :)

11.  Glitter ~ My farmer friend loves chickens, so for her birthday I made her a card, using a honeycomb embosser, and honeycomb die cut.  I attempted to transform the honeycomb design to chicken wire by adding silver glitter embossing powder around the edges of the honeycomb.  I printed and cut out a chicken, stuck on some white feathers, and adding a message inside ~ "Time to fly the coop, and celebrate your birthday!"  So she did ~ she flew the coop, and I took her out for dinner :)

12.  Sunglasses ~ Visiting a rocky little beach for a picnic, I sat on a log and took a photo through an old pair of sunglasses I found in my car.

There you have it ~ August 2014...Many other photos in the wings, that will hopefully land on my blog!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Refreshing Rain

After weeks of summery weather, we are experiencing some welcome rain.  To brighten things up, I have picked a few roses and other flowers from my garden to share ~

Other than that, I have uploaded a youtube video showing a day of sand art...

As everyone is well aware, August is rolling on by and the nights are growing longer.  Last night I glimpsed a brilliant rosy sunset through the trees, but unfortunately missed seeing it at the beach, which must have been absolutely glorious.  The sunshine and warmer weather will return before too many more days pass, and hopefully I'll get out and about to capture some August Scavenger Hunt Photos!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More of June

My photos are piling up since I haven't been blogging regularly, so here's a few more photos taken way June.

First of all, a photo of Flighty's Favorites, grown in my garden from his pot marigold seeds kindly sent to me in the mail.  His can be seen in his header photo :)  My pot marigolds are lounging in a pot in an old chair inside the rose garden, and are still blooming merrily away.  Thanks Flighty!

Here are a few more photos from Miracle Beach ~

An enticing picnic spot:

A little self-sufficient fellow off for a day's digging:

A relaxing camping area:

A Bald eagle, keeping watch:

And some up, up and aways...

Nearer home, there was a Father's Day classic car show ~
Here's a rare late 1950's Edsel convertible:

A robin in my cherry tree.... visiting Ravens ate most of the cherries, and there weren't many (I had one).  No sign of raccoons this year.

On a rare dull day, I spotted a parade of Canada Geese, as two seagull sentinels were birding their posts.  Nobody seemed to be interested in following the leader's marching technique.

and last but not least, some natural seaweed surfer dude

and one dancing fool.

More July photos coming soon :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Shattering Experience

If you haven't already, please check out the most recent adventures of Snowbird and her family on the Garden and Wildlife blog, Land of Giants!  My goodness, there is never a dull's my response: