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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo Scavenger Hunt

March was an unsettled month, not the greatest for picture taking, however I have tried to add a splash of brightness here and there.  Here are my finds for the month ~

1 - M is for mountain

I had hoped for a closeup of our snow capped mountain with a blue sky background, but for much of the month, the mountain was hidden behind cloud.  Instead I spotted this mountain scene with a sea of evergreen in the foreground.

2 - 9 a.m.

I thought these birds looked to be pointing at the appropriate position to indicate 9 o'clock. 

3 -  Berries

4 - Lit up

Here's a cheerful robin with its twinkling eye lit up for Spring!

5 - Grate

An old grate that my mother bought for us years ago when we had a wood burning fireplace.  Now that we have a gas fireplace, I keep odd collections of rocks and wood in it.

6 - Working

Someone is cutting branches!  It looks like he's spotted me and my camera...

7 - Brickwork

My brickwork search led me from my fireplace wall to various designs spotted on my travels ~ I've mortared a few photos together ~

 8 - Cutlery

A friend created an old silver cutlery windchime for me, so I hung it off the clothesline for a photo ~

9 - Flowers

Near my front door, I have placed a Spring Basket ~

and just to prove that all of Canada isn't covered in snow, here's a photo I took when on a recent trip to Victoria ~ not only spring flowers, but palm trees...  that's the west coast for you :)

1- Crisp

Yay, an excuse to crisp up some bacon ~ a tasty lunch of a bacon, lettuce and tomato cheese bun sandwich...

11 - ticket

A lottery ticket, a ticket to a premiere, and a parking receipt so I don't get a ticket ;)

12 - Coloured door

Thanks again to greenthumb for hosting these monthly Scavenger hunts ~

Sunday, March 23, 2014

ustream hummingbird nest with babies

In a bit of a rush, but found this site of a nest with baby hummingbirds in it, and wanted to share before they got any bigger ~

I'll be back in a couple of days!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bird's eye view

Although it is herring season, I seem to have found heron season!  On Sunday the weather invited me out to the beach, but I soon found out that a group of real birders had the same idea ~

I furtively took a photo of them and then high-tailed it down the road...just in time to see a Great Blue Heron very slowly lifting his right foot out of the marsh...

On Monday we headed to Victoria for my youngest son's birthday dinner.  A visit to Beacon Hill Park came first though.  A walk up to the viewpoint showed the shimmering Strait of Juan de Fuca, but low cloud obscured the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.

It was such a delight to see daffodils beginning to open and blossoms appearing on the trees.  As usual, I had my eye on the birds, as did a little green person ~

This seagull interacted with a rather long stick ~

 One of the iridescent resident (say that 5 times fast ;) peacocks ~

I wondered if the heronry was back in business!  The Beacon Hill Park Heronry was a thriving location for Great Blue Herons for many years before the birds were sent packing by a few Bald Eagles that terrorized the area.  In recent years some herons have returned and are gradually settling in.   Bare trees made for easy spotting ~  ~ here are a few photos ~

and a closer bird's eye view ~

After that wonderful visit to the park, two of my sons and I headed over to a tea shop for a visit and later on it was time for dinner where we met the rest of the crew.   A lovely day, and were back home by 10:30 p.m.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Cabin fever?

I do see signs of spring, but March began like the middle of winter.  The garage roof of the house across the street was an indication of how much snow fell steaming roof this time!

The solar light on the back deck railing sported a snow cap.

The robins have been plentiful, but would much prefer a bit of Spring cleaning of any remainders of winter's chill.

Squirrel's curiosity got the better of him ~

"What next?" wonders the hummingbird ~

 A Spotted Towhee joins the hunt for food in the front garden  ~
Trees in the back ~

Today, it had warmed up to about 8C, so I ventured out to the estuary ~ Brrrr

If you read my previous post, you would have noticed Queen Bee, as part of my Bee Well Basket ~ Today, I'm introducing a new member of the Beeline, a little less oinkish ;) ~ 

That's why I thought I better get out today ~ turning lemons into bees, whether real or plastic versions, might indicate that I am spending too much time indoors, even though there are two more real lemons and one plastic one still waiting in the wings. ;)