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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here's February's overview:

1 - Red
I chose the beautiful Amaryllis that my nieces gave me for Christmas.  Once it started blooming in January, it just kept going and lasted  right into February.

Alas, this male Northern Flicker with his bright red moustache, was upset that he wasn't chosen as number one, and gave me the raspberry.

2 - 14
A sign noting the vertical clearance of 5.14 m on a bridge provided this number.

3 - Kiss
An embroidered 'lip smack' on a stuffed monkey in a toy shop offered the solution to this one.  Also there were two smooching pooches on the same display.  (Well, they were smooching once I set them up that way ;))

4 - Heart-shaped
Nikki very kindly sent me an origami cat (George) and two origami heart bookmarks as a Valentine's surprise ~ aren't they sweet?  Thank you again, Nikki :)  You can see two other member of George's feline family (Sammy and Wimsey) over at Flighty's sofaflying blog, gifts from Nikki.

5 - Found nowhere else (Canada)
I chose this photo of a stationary Snowbird!  Officially known as the Royal Canadian Air Force's  431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds are Canada's military aerobatics or air show flight demonstration team whose purpose is to "demonstrate the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel".

The Snowbirds deploy to CFB Comox for specialized training each year, and I have seen them in action a few times...they'll be back in April.

6 - Frozen
Here is a photo of the scalloped edge of ice I removed from the bird bath before the temperatures improved slightly. 

7 - Park Bench
When I visited Victoria a week ago, it was a very blustery day, as you can see by the waves. I noticed that no one had the inclination to sit on these two colourful chairs or the picnic bench!

8 - Glass
I noticed this pretty window above the front door of a produce store, and liked the light brightening up the sunshine in the right-hand corner.

9 - Shopping Trolley
This little fellow's dad knew how to make shopping an enjoyable experience!  Dad agreed to the photograph, and his son's face just lit up for the camera.

Also took a photo of a family with a regular shopping cart!

10 - Shadow
On the same trip to Victoria, I walked beside a marina along a boardwalk in the evening.  The shadows cast by the lamps captured this category.

11 - Breakfast
Well, out with the heart-shaped waffle maker, some fried potatoes, an egg and sliced tomato to cook up a tasty breakfast for this post!

Meanwhile ~ out in the front garden and right by the front door, I noticed that many of the freshly bloomed crocuses and primulas had been devoured by a deer either for a midnight snack or early breakfast!  Decapitated flower heads ... at first I thought it might have been a rabbit that nibbled my first signs of spring, until I noticed a pot in the windowbox (deer mouth height) had been chomped.  At least deer don't like daffodils, so they should be spared once they bloom. 

12 - Bus

This colourful trolley bus is the local transit system for the Ladysmith folk. It would have looked more colourful and brighter if the sun had been shining...but it is after all, February!

Thanks to Greenthumb at Made with Love for hosting this Scavenger Hunt!  Check out other participant's photos at the link.

If you'd like to participate, start looking through the March list ~

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The flip side of Sea Lions...and a Surf Scoter

Snowbird's enthusiasm has encouraged me to post another video that I took of sea lions a couple of days ago.  Adrian had mentioned in a comment that the sea lions spend much of their time being busy doing a lot of nothing, which seems true for those who have found a position on the float.  Not all of the sea lions fit on the float, so others were lolling about in the water with their fins and tails protruding (to regulate heat apparently), perched on various ledges, or playfully cavorting about.  Very entertaining to watch.

However ~  I phoned the harbour authority today to find out more after Elaine  asked if this raft was set up specifically for the sea lions.  Oh my!  The float is definitely NOT there for the sea lions, but is one of several floating breakwaters to prevent wave action caused by the westerly winds.  Apparently last year, the sea lions did $20,000 worth of damage to the fishing boats.  They also eat 600 lbs of herring a day, and let's just say what goes in, has to come out which causes a high concentration of coliform bacteria.  The term "akin to a raft of floating rodents" was used (which caught me off guard and made me laugh).  So there is the flip side of a rowdy raft of sea lions!

I wonder if this male Surf Scoter paddling along nearby had any idea of what he was floating amongst ...

Thanks for leaving encouraging comments and asking questions ... I learn a lot more that way!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Rowdy Raft of Sea Lions

Yesterday I was amazed to see the vast number of sea lions in the bay, barking and basking, enjoying the sunshine, and, of course, verbalizing their thoughts (check out the video at the end of this post)!

 A meandering merganser skedaddles through the cacophony, dodging fins and flippers ...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hummingbird on Valentine's Day

Here's a little Hummingbird slideshow for Valentine's Day :)  The photos were taken at my hummingbird feeder and at the Winter Jasmine bush near my front door.

Happy Valentine's Day!