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Monday, June 29, 2015

June Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for your comments on my previous post ~  I have finally left replies.

We are experiencing a heat wave, and have had only about 15 mm of rain in the last two months.  Normally we have over 100 mm of rain in that time period.  The weather forecast looks like this:

I know that birds keep their mouths open to help lower body temperatures, but I made this little vignette for fun. (Not to make fun of the birds, of course).

On with the June Scavenger Hunt post!

1.  J is for Jet

I took this photo with my camera focussed on streaks far above as I was lounging on the deck...

2. Rust
Here is a collection of ornate rusty gates at a demolition and recycling site ~

3.  Smooth

One day when it wasn't too hot, I went for a lovely walk on the beach.  The tide was out, and the sand was so smooth.  Wading along the edge of the water was very relaxing and refreshing.

4.  Imagination

On my beach walk, I imagined that these shell eyes and sand mouth were expressing thoughts of the upcoming heat wave ;)

5.  Classic

On a walk in the same area where I saw the snake last month, I was accompanied by a deer who struck this classic pose.  It stood still and was probably watching me for some time before I noticed it.  Once I took its photo it walked along and then disappeared in the brush.

Since it was Father's Day this month, there were many classic cars in the vicinity.  Here's one:

6.  Similar

I chose my Ganzanias which are planted in two container boxes on my deck.  They are such vividly bright cheerful flowers, with similar colouring to sunflowers.

 7.  Parallel

Flags flying from parallel flag poles at a golf course:

 8. Socks

It's no use just having one sock, so here's a pair from two different airports.

9.  Bead

On my beach walk, I spotted strands of jewelled beads drifting in and out of an upturned empty crab shell ~

10. Mug

Not being a coffee drinker, I don't use a special mug ~ so I wandered into a thrift shop and took photos of a mug display :)

11.  Poster

I spotted this poster hanging in a laundromat ~

12. Whatever

I noticed this little fellow perched on a bull rush looking like he was counting down, ready to blast off.  Do you notice a similarity between the dragonfly and the red helicopter in No. 8 above?

and just bee-cause ~

Thanks to greenthumb for another great monthly photo challenge ~ and a special thanks to my readers and those who leave comments :)