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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tiny Wings

This little winged creature landed and stayed on a petunia for the longest time! This particular flower box is the one that the swallowtail visits, although I haven't seen it for awhile.

I'm using my laptop at the moment which doesn't have too many recent photos, therefore this is a very short entry.

When I get back on my PC, I'll show you a beautiful sunset at the beach.


  1. What a lovely photo!
    Every time I'm on the plot I chase around trying to get a photo of a brown butterfly but so far without success. xx

  2. They ARE difficult to shoot, Flighty, and if they don't sit still like Glo's did, no photo! Nice closeup, Glo :-)

  3. Thanks Flighty. The fellow who takes photos and posts the on his site, London Daily Nature Photo, mentioned that he waits until butterflies are that's what I do now. No more chasing butterflies, although they are fascinating to watch ~ I think "flutterbies" is a more fitting name for them.

    Nikki ~ as mentioned above in my response to Flighty, the secret seems to be to get close while they are feeding. I'm interested in getting front view shots as well, but they seem to land on the blooms in this flower box with their heads pointing away, which, on reflection, is probably why they don't see me coming towards them ;)

  4. White ones feed on the plot. Either I can't see brown ones when they do, or they just flitter and flutter around the plot.
    What I really want to see is a blue one! xx

  5. That is a very fat moth. Huuuuge! And hairy!

  6. Flighty, the white ones don't seem to land for long, do they? The only blue one I've seen is one a little boy showed me at school last year. It had landed on his finger and it stayed there for most of the day. Tragically, the little boy's mother had passed away, and I often wonder if that blue butterfly was a heavenly visitor...

    Olivia ~ well it looks huge in the photo, but it really was quite small ~ even the leaves look hairy!

  7. Beautiful moth. Looks so lovely and furry! x