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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wrapping it up!

I thought I may have inadvertently destroyed the spider's web by covering the lounge during a thunder shower. However it was still intact and, just as I was checking, a little victim flew, or was windblown, into the web. Boy, did that spider move! Here's how he 'wrapped it up':.

Enough of spiders! Here's how the day wrapped it up ~ much more to my taste!


  1. You were lucky to film the spider doing that!
    What a wonderful looking sunset. I bet that they don't often come better than that! xx

  2. What a perfect backdrop to show your spider's mad activity!

  3. Love the twinkly lights at the end of the lake. Such a dramatic sky too!

  4. Hi Flighty ~ I was so intent on seeing if the web was still there and at that very second the "victim" landed...I missed the spider's sudden sprint to life on film, but at least I had the presence of mind to quickly get my camera set to video!
    Yes, the sunset was simply breathtaking! Sometimes when I see sights like this, it goes beyond description, and I just marvel at such magnificence.

    Thanks Nikki ~ yes the video didn't turn out too badly, although it would been better closer up. It was close enough for me, though ;)

    Roomie ~ Dramatic is a perfect descriptive word for the scene.
    Although it does look very serene, much like a lake, it is in fact the Strait of Georgia. The twinkly lights do look starry eyed don't they!