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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunshiny Faces and Busy Bees

I awoke to the radio announcer exclaiming that he had just seen a glorious sight! As the sun was rising, a rainbow appeared over it! Wonderful, I thought as I jumped out of bed ready for my run around the block!

But just a minute ~ what was that racket?

Well, the rainbow must have shot its arrow, and punctured a cloud, because it was bucketing down! Plan B. No running around the block in a rainstorm on the first day of school for the children. I didn't want to be a drowned rat before I'd even started the day, or end up slithering off the slick road, etc. In other words, I decided to forget the run and get on with breakfast!

On my way to work, the rain stopped, and out came the sun. It was a busy day, with children reacquainting themselves with their friends, and settling into their classrooms. My, how they have grown in two months!

When I got home, I went for a walk to the beach to get some exercise and fresh sea air ~ at least I thought it was going to be fresh sea air! (Possibly more on that, later!)

I took these photos the other day, and thought they exemplified the beginning of school ~ sunshiny faces and busy bees!




What can you see in this cloud photo? It was moo-ving quite quickly ;)



  1. Sunshiny faces indeed! Very appropriate for the start of school, Glo. Your cow cloud reminded me of my first visit with my cousin in France. We were staying at their house in the countryside and riding bikes down lanes between fields of sunflowers. Gorgeous clouds in the sky. My brother and I exclaimed to our English-as-a-second-language cousin about the clouds. She misheard us and told us sternly that there weren't any cows around.

  2. Nikki ~ What a great memory ~ lovely picturing you riding your bikes through such a beautiful countryside ~ a funny story, trying to communicate effectively is hard enough without another language being involved. I'm pleased that my cow cloud reminded you of this special day :)

  3. I am amazed at how you spot shapes in the clouds like you do. I can see the outline of a calf or cow, now you have pointed it out. A lovely photo of sunflower and sunshine (and bee), there really can be no better sight to brighten up one's day. x

  4. I saw a sea horse in the clouds the other day but my phone/camera was nowhere to be seen! I thought of you though!
    You run around the block on a morning? Are you mad... You realise that running in the morning is not good for you?? Never mind what the experts say... *;o)
    They certainly look busy those bees...
    back to the routine then Glo... nice to see a change in the children though. I love noticing an extra inch in height etc.. :o)

  5. For exercise I'd much prefer a walk on the beach to a run round the block!
    I see that you've become a cloudspotter!
    I like your photo-association images.xx

  6. Hi Louise :) Sometimes the clouds that drift over the mountains or sea do seem to take on recognizable shapes ~ especially when they are fluffy! I have quite the imagination, so it's possible for me to "see" all sorts of things ;) It has been a sunny start to the school year, so each sunflower reflects a happy face:)

    Daffy ~;)
    A seahorse in the clouds ~ how cool!
    I'd like to see one, too! At school
    I sit a lot and need to prove
    I'm feeling fit, and on the move.
    I try to run around the block
    before I leave, and beat the clock...
    but sometimes when it starts to rain,
    I shake my head, and use my brain!
    Although I do like keeping fit,
    Sometimes it pays to stop and sit!

    Flighty ~ I agree that a walk to the beach is the best! However, it's so easy to get into the habit of driving to work and driving home, so if I can get a bit of start to the morning, I seem to feel better all day ~ I guess it's like other people's cups of coffee!

  7. The walk to the beach sounds very refreshing. It would have been lovely to see the rainbow above the sun. I have never seen that though I once saw a circular rainbow on a cloud when I was flying into California. Love the sunny yellow flowers too :)

  8. Oh that's odd, I commented in my mind when I read your blog, but must have fallen asleep before typing. Even now I struggle to keep my eyes oppen.

    Anway, I wanted to say that I love the yellow of the sunflower against the blue and green of the sky and trees. YOu got ALL the elements in, including the bee and even a cloud.

  9. Hello, if you have a look at my entry today you'll see that I've given you an award! xx

  10. Roomie ~ It's another lovely day and a chance for a walk to the beach! Your circular rainbow on a cloud sounds heavenly! Glad you liked the flowers :)

    Liv ~ I've done the same thing myself ~ read a blog, replied in my head and moved

    Thanks for your lovely comments re my pics :)

    Flighty ~ Awww...thanks for the award...much appreciated :)

  11. That cloud photo to me looks like a little lamb.