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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictures, Poems and Posies

Many thanks Flighty for another perfect heart award which I really love and enjoy sharing with all your blogging buddies :)


What's been happening since my last post! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and no reason at all to stay inside if not necessary! Here's a few photos taken over the past while, followed by a poem of sorts which will explain another reason for my absence of late ;)

First some reflections ~



Look what I found in the rose garden today~ enough for a posy! A mixture of Elle, Folklore, Wenlock, and one small Iceberg hardly visible on the right.


Samples of easy pickin's ~ one apple, one pear, and one bunch of grapes!

and now for my weekend ~

First I'll set the scene:

Roll ~ Action:


Well things are back to normal
(or as normal as they get)
after fixing all the damage
once my purse got soaking wet.

Of course I knew much better
than to leave it on the sand.
I wear it is a backpack
or carried in my hand.

Well… on this lovely sunny day,
my son and I set out
to make a movie at the beach
and here’s what came about…

The sky was blue; the sea was too ~
The sand, a strip of gold
but as “the actor” played his part,
I felt a heavy load…

My backpack seemed to pull and tug,
this coupled with the heat…
My shoulders ached. I took it off
and placed it by my feet.

Now while the movie rolled along,
the tide began to shift,
and circled, sneaking up behind
to set my world adrift.

Too late we noticed no more sand
was stretched out in a strip!
Although I grabbed the handle quick,
my purse began to drip…

and drip and drip and drip and drip…
and still it dripped some more.
Arriving home I pushed “remote”
to open garage door…

But nothing happened. Nothing moved!
More problems were in store!
The silly thing was useless now,
not like it was before!

I squirted in some compressed air
to dry its inner guts…
Then up and down, and up and down ~
the door - completely nuts!

I came inside to dump my purse,
then let out one long moan.
I saw another victim there…
My soggy mobile phone!

My cheque book was a lovely sight.
‘lectronics were all faulty.
My keys were turning shades of rust.
My dollar bills were salty.

I can’t complain about it though,
because I chose to put
my backpack purse with all my stuff
upon a sandbar….BUT

A lesson learned, yet once again ~
So when your shoulder’s ache,
go put the backpack in the trunk
and give your head a shake!

The next day I was off to town
to get another phone…
and then of course the garage door’s
remote was all but blown.

A fellow brought a new one by
and charged a pretty penny.
I paid him with my salty bills
and now I don’t have any!

But, I do have these :)



  1. What a roller coaster ride! I've just been singing a song called 'Roller Coaster'in the car... in sums up your hectic times perfectly!
    The fruit looks wonderful. We have a few gooseberries which I have alot of fun with, getting the kids to eat them, telling them they are as sweet as grapes and then watching them gurn for England!
    We have quite a few plums which my husband seems to like... I fear the 'belly ache' so I'll just let him eat them.
    Your flowers are lovely! My success story in the garden has to be the gladioli... still looking lovely and very proud as it stands at the foot of the garden all pretty.

  2. As soon as I saw this award I knew that I would have to pass it on to you! Thanks for the linked mention.
    Terrific photos, the last one certainly has my nose twitching!
    I love the way you've turned your tale of woe into a poem!
    It's a lovely entry all round. Thanks. xx

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  4. I had to delete my previous comment, because I didn't know how to edit it :(

    Hello Daffy ~ Yes, a bit hectic,but at least fairly easily fixed! I know I've begun to find it funny when I sling it in a poem :) You and your gooseberry trick had me laughing. I wonder if the same trick was played on you as a child? Fresh fruit can be a bit belly achey, especially plums! Wise move to leave them to hubby. Glad you like my roses, I was happy to pick a few of each as they all have a lovely fragrance. I haven't grown gladioli for awhile, but I always think they look so stately and attractive ~ and they last for quite a while. Of course, "glads" have to make one happy with a name like that :)

    Flighty ~ Yes, turning tales of woe into poetry does put things in perspective. Adds a bit of humour to the incident. It certainly was a good example of having to deal with consequences of an action! Thought you might enjoy looking at my roses, but not so much nose twitching now, or I'll start picturing you hopping like a rabbit! Thanks for your kind words :)

  5. What lovely posies, and I love the peachy rosies at the bottom of the post.

  6. Glo! The roses are lovely and the fruit looks yummy. Your garden is full of delights. Your poem was so engaging. I am sorry for all the trouble and expense you had though your poem is a gem! So clever :)

  7. Incredible photos of reflections,
    with flowers, fruit and sea;
    and a poem full of reflection
    on a salt-water calamity.

    Experience is a mean tutor,
    but we'll learn from your mistake;
    and be careful with our rucksack
    whenever our back begins to ache.

    Sometimes, some of these things of ours aren't as ... resilient as we'd like; it would be better if phones and remotes and things were able to survive a little damp encounter with the sea.

  8. Liv ~ Thanks ~ glad you like the peachy roses ~ they are one of my favorites :)

    Roomie ~ thanks for your kind words :) Glad you enjoyed the poem, too ~ it really wasn't too expensive ~ under $100 and I was back in business with phone and door opener.

    Hi Woodpecker :)
    Calamities do come and go
    like the surf,with its ebb and its flo.
    Yes you're right, if we learn,
    then the tide might just turn
    and give us a break, don't you know!

    A watertight bag is a thought ~
    much better than leather I bought.
    It would keep out the damp...
    I could use it at camp!
    plus save me from being so distraught!

    My rucksack, or backpack or purse,
    could have suffered, alas, so much worse
    Perhaps fall in the drink
    that's so deep, it would sink
    and that is the end of the verse.

    Thanks for your wonderful response :)

  9. Glad you liked it :) here's some more :)

    I'm glad your misfortune was only slight
    and concur that you are quite right
    that so much worse it could have been
    (I know I'd've uttered words obscene
    if I saw my belongs caught by sea
    words aimed not at bag but aimed at me)

    The sea looks so serene but dangers hide
    so many lost to an incoming tide
    I've been caught out once, but not like that
    (and to be honest I felt a right prat)
    when as a child on rocks I did play
    (the tide was out and gone that day)

    the rocks were slippy, there were many a pool
    I turned around once and looked a fool
    as to my sister I did warn
    "Mind your step o' sister Dawn"
    But as the words did leave my lips
    my feet left rock - felt myself slip

    then whoops and splash and splosh and wet
    shown by example what you could regret
    (Ironic I might hear you cry,
    usually sure-footed was I)
    Soaked almost from head to toe
    and not the warmest day - wouldn't you know
    but I picked myself up, drip, drip, drip
    started laughing at my unfortunate dip

    made my way to the promenade
    carefully, quickly (it wasn't hard)
    took off my t-shirt; wrapped a towel around
    continuous laughter the only sound
    but no worries; nothing was amiss
    (nothing damaged, and back came sis)
    walked over to get some fish and chips
    while watching all the distant ships.

  10. Sorry for the late response, Woodpecker ~

    Hey, just to let you know you’re great!
    Your poem to me is ace ~ first rate!
    Although you got yourself all wet,
    those memories you won’t forget
    and always, when you’re at the beach
    remember what those rocks can teach…
    If you don’t want to slip and fall,
    don’t take a chance, just sit, that’s all.

    But then what’s life if it’s not risky?
    Much better to enjoy ~ stay frisky :)

  11. Oh don't worry about being late,
    it's fashionable to be so -
    don't get in a state;
    your advice I'll heed - or do my best
    when next I'm at the beach
    I'll not put rocks to the test
    thank you for dropping a sweet line
    wonderful words make me smile
    and hey! they rhyme :)