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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ferrying about

I have returned home after a few days away at a family reunion. The first photo shows a view of the Victoria harbour, although not the usual view seen on postcards...this is the view just a little bit farther along as I walked back to my vehicle after dinner.


You may be able to see a couple of little Victoria Harbour Ferries docked for the night and of course the bright red float plane.

On the way back from the mainland, I took some photos from the BC Ferry I was on, which is similar to the first photo in the next series. As you can see, there are various sizes of ferries depending on the route. The smaller ones are inter-island ferries. We seem to have a change in the weather, but hopefully the sun will return before long, mind you it was the 5 p.m. ferry, so it was getting on in the day.


  1. Seeing that float plane reminds me that one of my very first blog entries was titled Wings and Water!
    Fingers crossed that the weather there improves soon. xx

  2. What a charming place, Glo. The twilight adds a magical light to the image. Welcome back :-)

  3. Hello Flighty! That's a neat title for a blog entry! There are many float planes at various harbours, which makes sense since I'm on an island :) They're nifty to ride in, too ~ I've gone over on them to the mainland a few times, as it's a quick way to the Vancouver airport:) The sun is scheduled to return on Sunday. In the meantime I'm doing indoor activities. It isn't just raining, it's darned chilly!!

    Nikki ~ thanks :) It was a pretty scene which caught my eye, and I think indeed, twilight is a magical time! It is quite a charming place :)

  4. I do hope you had a lovely time with your family Glo. It really looks so peaceful on the water. You have captured the scene so well. x

  5. In the top pic, is that the big historic hotel I might have heard of in a documentary about BC?

    The ferry reminds me of the Island Princess cruise I took on Georgian Bay, Lake Huron some years ago.

  6. What a tranquil shot. I don't remember much of our family trip to Victoria many, many years ago except that it was beautiful. I should go back I see:) I trust your family time was a treat.

  7. It looks very beautiful and peaceful Glo.
    Family time and serene sights.. sounds like a song title. Can you sing? I can play the tambourine. *smiles*