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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time to relax!

Last night I glanced out of the kitchen window at this amazing sky:


The deck is painted and everything put back in its place! Care to come and relax with a cool drink ~ and a bowl full of cherries?



  1. *packs case rapidly* I'm on my way! I hope to see my fair share of beautiful skies over in Croatia next week. They have the most beautiful sunsets... I remember last year and that was in October so it will be nice to see the Summer ones. I love your decked area Glo, (I called you Glow the other day....sorry about that but it's a reflection of your personality.)I think we might have a look at some decking... we certainly have the room but would that scare off the wildlife?
    I don't want to disrespect anyones copyrights but have a look at this one.
    (If it isn't a link it should just copy and paste.)

  2. I rarely see skies like that unfortunately.
    Yes please, but I'd rather have a cup of tea if I may! xx
    Daffy that is an amazing picture. xx

  3. Aaahhh! That looks like a perfect place to stretch out, book in hand, cool drink nearby... lovely!

  4. Hi Daffy ~ Gee, you'd think you were going on holidays, or something...haha

    Glow is fine, and thanks for the kind words :) The decking has about six steps down to the lawn, so I don't think it interferes with any wildlife ~ in fact, some of the wildlife seem to hang around the deck as well! (just the little ones, like Frog, a hummingbird and the butterfly, though and today's new visitor that I will include in my next entry)
    For some reason, the URL you included wouldn't open for me...said it was unavailabe :(

    Hello Flighty ~ Tea for two ready on the deck ;) Now where are the Hobnobs? (Don't tell me I ate them all again!)

    Hi Nikki ~ and that's exactly what I did this afternoon when I came back from a walk along the beach :) Thanks...:)

  5. Glow, :o) If you copy and paste it into the address bar it should work. (It does for me...)
    Not to worry, it was just a picture of a sunset from Porec.

  6. Congratulations on finishing your project, Glo. Looks great. What a nice place to relax! And yes, I would love to come by for a drink. Just sitting out there would be so nice. Obviously I am sitting at the computer now and about to tackle another homework assignment so I will have to enjoy your deck from here and all the lovely scenery of your photos :)

  7. Ooh and ahh... looks lovely! Very summery and relaxing.