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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's going on...

in my back garden!

You've met the cat that frequents my yard before, but doesn't he seem like he's just getting a little bit too comfortable, with his paws crossed? Just after this he moved and sat looking up at the hummingbird tree! I've already rescued one baby robin from his pounce!

and look what I found hiding inside the umbrella on the deck when I was about to put it up ~ a moth! At least it wasn't Frog hiding there!

Here's a bit of colour on the deck and in the rose garden:

Blue Heliotrope, which I just love ~ wonderful fragrance

First bloom on the Wenlock Rose

I think that this is a young nuthatch in the cherry tree:

This next photo is definitely not of a nuthatch in the cherry tree! I took a "shot in the dark" and on close inspection spied this little bandit enjoying a cherry feast!

Moving away from the flora and fauna for a minute ~ The first batch of t-shirts I washed and hung out ~ I offered to bring them home from school after the students wore them at track and field! I have now had enough of folding t-shirts, but at least they're all done! The weather was perfect for drying, with a lovely breeze.

Back to nature ~ here's a sight that caught my eye while I was on the deck ~a bald eagle circling a little bit in the distance. See his white head and tail caught in the sunlight?


  1. You really seem to be enjoying your summer.

    Having spent so long in London, where sparrows are now extinct, I become so excited over small birds. Just hearing a sparrow cheeping or hopping about on the street makes me smile. So easily pleased now :)

  2. What a great selection of animals and plants, and all in your back garden for you to enjoy!
    I love the raccoon photo, and as for seeing an eagle like that...just wonderful. xx

  3. Yes, thanks, Liv ~ I truly am enjoying my summer. For one thing the weather has been lovely this month, and I am able to do some of the household/garden projects yet balance that out with some relaxing walks and relaxation. For example, having painted the deck, I now feel happier "lounging"...

    I didn't know sparrows were extinct in London :( I can see why little bird twitterings make you happy ~

    Flighty ~ Glad you enjoyed the various creatures and other things that inhabit my back garden. I'm often looking skyward for eagles:) When they take advantage of the thermals, they are mesmerizing to watch! Today I had a couple of somethings pecking away in the back and flinging grass and moss in the air. I nearly suggested to them that they invite their buddies and it would save me from raking up the moss. ;)