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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Sights

A morning splash in the birdbath ~

The cherries are just about ripe for the picking ~

A bright display of petunias in a planter on the deck ~

A pretty Rose of Sharon flower in the corner of the "rose garden"

and the makings of a sunflower ~


  1. Cherries? You have cherries! How wonderful! Do you get to eat them or do the birds beat you to them?

  2. I love the birdbath photos. Do you know what kind of bird it is?
    Nikki is so right about cherries and the birds!
    It'll be interesting to see the sunflower when it blooms. xx

  3. Nikki ~ Yes, cherries! Some years there's a bumper crop. The tree is so big that I think there's enough for the birds and us. I have already tasted a few...not quite as ripe as they get, but good just the same.

    Flighty ~ Actually, when I woke up there were little birds outside my bedroom window fluttering around the window box, then when I went downstairs I saw activity in the birdbath, so I took those photos through the window. I'm sorry to say I don't know what kind of a bird it is, although I did try to determine what it was from my book. I'll ask my bird photographer friend and see if he knows what it is.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the sunflowers, too :)

  4. Flighty ~ Just had a reply from my "birdman" to my query about the bird in the birdbath..."The main identifying feature on your bird is the white feather on the side of the tail. You can't see the other side but it also has a white feather. When the bird matures, it will have a black head. Your brown bird is a juvenile (immature) Dark-eyed Junco." :)

  5. Oh the tiny bird is so cute!

    The other day a little brown one with some crimson on his head and breast stopped on the roof by the study window and he started to belt out the most powerful song but something distracted his attention and he flitted off.

  6. It seems that we both have a problem identifying juvenile birds that don't yet have the distinctive markings that the parents do!
    I had to google 'dark-eyed junco'

  7. I love the bird, whatever he may be? Cherries ripe for you to pick or the bird? x

  8. A morning splash! You really captured the action there! These are lovely Glo.

  9. Hi Liv ~ Isn't it wonderful when we are greeted with a beautiful bird song? I notice that particularly around twilight time. Yes, it seems they just get our attention, and then off they go. If we understood birdsong, perhaps we'd know where they were off to!

    Flighty ~ Yes, it is hard to identify the juvenile brown birds, but interesting to know that there are some identifying marks to watch for such as the white tail feathers in this case. I'm sure it would take years of study, to figure out who was what. It's sure fun trying though :)

    Thanks looking it up and for the link :)

    Louise ~ I learned that the bird is a juvenile Dark-eyed Junco and Flighty left a link up above :) I don't mind sharing a few cherries with the birds, but I'm just hoping the raccoons stay away, because they make a heck of a mess, broken branches and all! Of course nature's creatures have been waiting for the fruit as well!

    Thanks Daffy! It was fun to watch the little bird splashing about, and luckily it stayed long enough for me to get a few shots!