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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nikki's Rose


  1. I am VERY hungry, and these roses all look rather yummy!

    Must go get a snack!

    I *was* supposed to go for a walk by the water, as it's nice and cool preceding a heatwave next week, but I had four phonecalls and now they're over, the rain has started falling. Typical.

  2. Flighty ~ This is the same rose bud opening shown from various angles. It's a beautiful rose and I hope more buds will appear :)

    Olivia ~ It sounds like you are ready to eat just about anything! I hope you were able to fill your needs! Hope the rain stopped and you were able to go for a walk ~ after you'd eaten something of course.... thanks for dropping by :)

  3. I should have looked more carefully as I originally thought that it was several flowers! xx
    Liv they might look tasty but I'll stick to biscuits thanks! xx

  4. It did stop! And I ate dinner first. The breeze was nice and fresh, and I walked for a couple of hours which took me past sundown, around the neighbourhood and then I hung out by the water and took photos of the bridge.

    I'd love to blog but my laptop where I store my photos picks up a lousy wi fi connection - currently I am on the shared desktop computer with direct cable internet.

  5. Flighty - you could eat a rose if you wanted to, but I doubt it would be as filling or as fun as a biccie! xx

  6. Oh, look at that beautiful glow! I have been away from the computer most all weekend and missed seeing this. Beautiful series, Glo.

  7. I'm pleased you liked the pictures of the rose in your honour, Nikki :) I do believe I saw another bud or two...I now have a drip system set up to water the roses, so hopefully that will work well.