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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To the beach!

Off I went to the beach this morning as the tide was far out! Sorry, the video seems to have picked up quite a bit of background noise of breeze and waves, but hopefully you can still hear me :)

For those who aren't able to view the videos, here's a couple of stills :

I thoroughly enjoyed the wade in the sea, it was absolutely perfect!

Later on, I noticed my magical swallowtail butterfly back at her favorite verbena and petunia box ~

Then, lo and behold, my son said "Look at the dragonfly..."

I was quite delighted that I was able to get a few close-up photos, especially since I'd been admiring the close-ups on London's Daily Photos!

...oh, and I picked some more cherries...


  1. It's overcast and drizzling here this morning so I'm just a tiny bit envious of your beach walk and paddle!
    I love the butterfly photos! xx

  2. Ah, your dragonfly photo reminds me that I've seen several flitting about, but never landing for a proper portrait! And your lovely beach scenes are so refreshing. No need to ask if you had a good time there!

  3. Flighty ~ Sorry it's drizzling ~ where's your sunshine?! Re the beach: Being from England, I call it going for a paddle too, but nobody here would understand (they'd probably think I was going out kayaking) ...paddling is called wading here, so I try to remember so I don't get any odd looks.
    Re the butterfly: I like the option of adding sparkles ;) This butterfly seems to love that particular verbena, then off she flies gracefully up through the cherry tree, and over the rose garden, into the garden over the back fence.

    Nikki ~ I was amazed that the dragonfly stayed put for so long and when it did move it perched on the flowers in the plant box where the butterfly lands. Like yourself, I usually see them zooming swiftly about, so this is the first time I've "captured" one on camera.
    As for the beach, yes,it was a fantastic beach day, and I keep telling myself to do it everyday because it's a healthy walk, downhill there and, of course, uphill home.

  4. Hello I'm back for another stroll along the beach, and maybe just a quick paddle, before I go to the bookshop! xx

  5. What a great way to start your day, Flighty, a morning constitutional ~ a paddle before work ~ ;) When the tide is out, it is a perfect place to stroll, even in stormy weather! Thanks for the return trip :)

  6. The beach photos get me every time. Lovely.