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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Masks and stripes!


It seems that my frog is a Pacific Treefrog:

They are small frogs, up to 5 centimetres long, and may be any colour from pale grey or tan to bronze or bright emerald green. Pacific Treefrogs have a conspicuous dark "mask" or stripe extending from the nostrils through the eye as far as the shoulder...City dwellers on the coast are often pleasantly surprised to find that a Pacific Treefrog has made itself at home in their garden or even in plant pots on a balcony. The sticky pads on their toes allow these frogs to climb about on plants with great agility, though they usually stay fairly close to the ground.
To read more, check out this site: Frogwatch Pacific Treefrog

At the staff party last Friday night, we had an uninvited guest:

Raccoons are quite prevalent and can make a nasty mess of gardens and lawns while searching out tasty grubs! Raccoons


  1. Interesting links! I don't mind frogs on the plot but I wouldn't want raccoons around, although they do look cute! xx

  2. Happy Canada Day Glo!
    I seem to be having trouble spelling Canada today!
    Racoons do look like little burglars!
    When you get a chance come over to my place and meet my new 'pet'

  3. Flighty ~ I'm with you! I have tried all sorts of tricks to discourage raccoons from the yard. At one time, I had a clock radio hidden inside a box at the bottom of the yard, that was set to come on during a "talking program"! I also bought a "scarecrow" motion detector which sprayed water when there was any movement in the garden...the thing is, I was the one that got caught in the spray many times!! Raccoons have adapted very well to urban living, and with their cute faces, appeal to some people enough to leave food out for them!

    Hello Daffy! Thanks very much for the Happy Canada Day wishes. It was a great day ~ two of my sons were here for dinner, and we had a lovely visit. Raccoons not only look like burglars...they are! Heading over to meet your new pet....

  4. I disturbed a little frog who was happily sitting by my watering can yesterday. It disappeared under the drain cover. I hope it has hopped out again? x