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Monday, June 30, 2008

School's out!

What a busy time I've had over the last week or so...however the children are off on summer vacation, and I am off for a 4 day weekend, before heading back to work to finish off the school year paperwork, and get ready for September...then I'll be off for 6 weeks. (Doing a happy dance..well I would if it wasn't so HOT). I think it is still 25 degrees outside and it's after midnight. I fell asleep (becoming a habit) in the afternoon, and now I'm not tired at all. So I have gathered some of today's (oops, I mean yesterday's) photos together to share with you.

One of the first things I did this morning was to take the griddle outside to cook breakfast. This gives me the feeling that I'm camping, but with all the comforts of home. When I was opening the folded table to put the griddle on, look who was resting on one of the table legs...

He seems to like the deck so I decided to make him a house using some of my heart rocks. I have no idea if he will use it, but I had fun! I even put the little frogs that were on my window sill on the edge of his "roof".

After breakfast I took a wander around the garden, and here are a few photos:

The fruit tress: pear, apple and cherry trees show promise, but the cherries are often ready by July 1 ~ not this year!

Here's Nikki's beautiful rose bud opening ... the ONLY bud in my whole rose garden, thanks to the deer (oops, sorry I mentioned deer Daffy... more later)

Deer Daffy ~ just for you

AND here's something for Flighty, on the occasion of his first Plot 124 blog anniversary...



  1. A griddle-cooked breakfast outside sounds really good. Now I am hungry for pancakes and eggs!

  2. Enjoy the break, it sounds like you need it!
    Frog Canuck is a terrific colour.I hope that he takes to that comfy looking home that you've provided.
    Lovely photos as always, although I did have to look twice at one of them!
    I love this Frog as well! He'll get mentioned and shown on my next plot entry. Many thanks! xx

  3. You seem to have many good friends in the garden, Glo. How lovely is it that you have a few weeks to enjoy them!

    25C at midnight? Whew, that's pretty warm for your neck o' the woods. We had a few too-warm days last week when temps remained at 31C well after sunset.

  4. Oh my! That Deerphant fairly scared the life out of me! I wouldn't like to meet that mixture on a country road!
    I loved your photographs Glo! Brilliant as ever.
    Flighty will be so pleased with his hypnotic froggie!
    I wish we could have some continuous warm weather... just for a month or two maybe?

  5. Hi BH ~ and that's exactly what we had! Yum... I love eating outside :)
    (as long as there's no wasps around)

    Flighty ~ I've no idea if he'll go in his cosy little house, but I looked online and there's all sorts of frog villages that people make so at least I'm not the only frog house maker :) You're very welcome for the jumping frog ... I found the anim gif on the internet and added the words, trying to keep them out of the way of his leaping!

    Nikki ~ Yes, I'm looking forward to the time off. It has been really hot the last few days. Last night it was 22 degrees at 10:30 p.m., and this morning it was 26 degrees in the office when I arrived at 7:35 a.m. It's supposed to cool down a bit during the next few days, and possibly a shower. The cherries seem to like the heat though as they are finally turning red!

    Deer Daffy ~ Well enough of the deer you implied, so here's something endeering for you :) I wouldn't like to run into a real one either...
    Yes the frog is rather mesmerizing...however frogs are known to be very hoppy :)

  6. We often boil up a camping kettle outside on a petrol stove to make a cup of tea. Yes it would be easier just to come inside and switch on the electric kettle, but not half as much fun! x