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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catching up!

Quite often, now that the summer weather has decided to appear periodically, I'll be out on the can see my lounge in the distance...

The other afternoon I was lounging on the deck, being mesmerized by the clouds overhead. I came out again later to take an evening photo...

Yesterday, my son and I decided to go to our little airport restaurant for supper ~ only one small plane took off during our meal...

Here's dessert...

When I set off this morning for a drive, the first animal I saw was a deer that had been spooked by a barking dog. The deer leaped across the road much to the surprise of a bicyclist! I stopped at the side of the highway with my flashers on to warn other motorists, in case the deer darted back again. I took some photos while waiting until the doe safely headed into the woods.

When I found out that the plant nursery I was heading for was closed for business, I went in search of another and came across a couple of animals inside:

On my way back to my car, this caught my eye... a shiny T-bird in the parking lot, which I took a fancy to...

When I came home, I took a planter out of a planter box to add some new plants and lo and behold, something "fell" out and landed on the railing...OMG!! My very own Frog! I wonder how long he has been living here...could he be the same frog on my previous post "Pane of Separation" on April 13? Is he another ponderer?? This is ribbeting news!!

After all that excitement, I lounged and read, taking a photo of this busy bee who was still working away...

I could hear the baby nuthatches in the cherry tree above my head, but I couldn't catch them in my camera lens...speaking of CATching up, I hope the neighbour's cat isn't spying on my little birds....


  1. Elephant!!!!! *points*


    I will come back later I promise. :o)

  2. How fun catching up with you. I loved all your "ribbeting" news! That car was a great shot!

  3. I love this entry as it has just about everything in aeroplane, delicious dessert(s), an iconic car, daffy's nellie, Frog Newton's cousin and more!
    Wonderful! xx

  4. Oh what glorious clouds! Glo, you may have to follow the adventures of your own froggy :-)

  5. A mutual Dickie Bird (how very English!) Friend of ours has mentioned to me that you are having a hectic time at the moment. Well here comes the weekend so be sure to find time to do the things that make you smile and even get to put your feet up if possible. Of course, an entry would be nice. I love deers but I'm sick of looking at them! ;o)

  6. Don't they call that kind of sky 'mackerel sky'? Amazing clouds. We have a small airport near to us, infact the planes have been roaring overhead this morning! Wonder if our one serves those lovely desserts? So glad you have your very own frog Newtons around the place. I love cats but your neighbours does look a little menacing in this shot! x

  7. Hi Louise ~ I hadn't heard of Mackerel sky before, but in the process of looking it up, I found all sorts of weather lore which was fun and informative! Thanks for dropping by and leaving me such a lovely message :)

  8. A belated thank you to Roomie, Flighty, and Nikki ~ although I had read and enjoyed your comments, I realize I hadn't responded! My apologies....
    Thanks Flighty ~ yes quite an assortment in this entry ~ and glad you enjoyed it :)

    Nikki ~ Hmmmm, adventures of my own froggy...I'll have to think about that :) The clouds are appealing, aren't they?

    Daffy ~ The elephant was just for you...and I've taken note re deer..;) It is a busy time of the year work-wise for me, and I will indeed enjoy the change of pace now that summer is here!