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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My friend, Oakley

Here's Oakley's mother, and also a top view of Oakley.




I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Oakley :) A few years ago (I wish I could remember exactly which year), I planted an acorn in this pot, and wonder of wonders, it sprouted. Each year it has grown, but this year the leaves are as big as the ones on its mother tree! The original red oak tree was given to me by a student who I worked with in her final two years of high school...she said I was to plant it so I'd always remember her and our time together! The really endearing thing about the offspring, is that each autumn, just like the big trees, the leaves turn a beautiful red shade and then fall off, and all that is left is a little twig trunk! I suppose that is to be expected, but it still is amazing to me. The mosaic stone that the pot sits on was made for me by a friend's little girl who knew I liked the sea. She used blue glass for the water, and orange and yellow for the sun. Very special gifts from the heart :)


  1. How lovely that your acorn sprouted! And has high ambitions, I see, with those gigantic leaves.

  2. Two things which have great meaning to you. What amazing leaves to form on just a twig! x

  3. I like such gifts which have little intrinsic value but are worth so much to us.
    I think that it's sad that trees are so often ignored or overlooked considering how important they really are. xx

  4. Hello Oakley
    (I once had a friend whose surname was Oakley... I always wondered if his family had something to do with trees)
    It is an impressive looking ... I'm not garden-technical ... I want to say "baby tree" but I'm not sure if we can really apply the words "baby, toddler, adolescent, teenager" etc. to plants. I think in the coming years it (he? Oakley sounds like a Male name; although I've no idea how you can identify gender with plants - it's not like you can turn him over and go "ah ha" ) will grow to be a great tree in years to come, although I've no idea how long it'll be before he wants to stretch out his legs (roots) and become too big for his current pot.

    I love the mosaic and its explanation. I'd like to echo Mr Flighty's comments - both on gifts and trees.

    Have a good day there

  5. when I grow up I want to be a tree! :o)
    Oakley looks proud doesn't he? With his foliage all out-stretched!
    A gift from the heart always starts with thought for others. :o)

  6. Nikki ~ I was thrilled that the acorn sprouted, and at first there were only 3 leaves, and now 5...last year they were small, and now huge! High ambitions, I like that!

    Louise ~ Yes, thanks.) The little twig has nodules on it this year, so perhaps next year it will have more than one group of leaves...

    Flighty ~ So true ~ and yes, trees are very important, and the birds love them too!

    Oakley says "Hi, WP!" Gee, not you've got me wondering...I've looked up 'stage development of trees' we go
    Woody Debris

    Seedlings and saplings are juveniles, so what I think we have here is Oakley, the juvenile. I hope he doesn't take offense, being called juvenile sounds rather insulting...especially after all that work showing off his potential. I have just checked the bottom of the pot after reading this:
    "Transplanting Acorns: Don't allow an oak seedling’s tap root to grow out of the container bottom and into the soil below. This will break the tap root. If possible, seedlings should be transplanted as soon as the first leaves open and become firm but before extensive root development occurs.

    The planting hole should he twice as wide and deep as the pot and root ball. Carefully remove the root hall. Gently set the root ball in the hole with the root crown at the level of the soil surface. Fill the hole with soil, firmly tamp and soak."

    I will have to plant it soon, but where...???? I will have to think about this!

    Thanks, I like the mosaic too...especially when seeing the twinkly eyes of the little girl who gave it to me...she's now 14!

    Daffy ~ thanks ~ a lovely reply as well! Yes, I think he's trying to impress his mother (tree) who is within his 'vision'. I'll post a picture.